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Thread: Cath Still a Problem

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    Cath Still a Problem

    Will Ditropan help his bladder problems? He now wears the outside cath with paper shorts. These paper shorts/pants I buy in the store. Sometimes I use a Kotex pad inside, just in case the cath comes loose. He hates wearing diapers and the VA says that when not in therapy, he should not wear them. With all the tech out there, how come they can't find a solution to this. It is mose frustrating for both of us and particalarly him. No man likes to be like a baby again. I recently came across in the VA SC Magazine and asked for a trial packet. They claim that the astronuts used them. Hope it works. He now has another problem; his arms and legs are becoming numb. This past 2 weeks, he has complained about it. At first they said he was not moving around enough in his wheelchair, doing pressure release. He finally went to urgent Care at VA today and they admitted him for test for 2 days. His Dr. thought it may be a side effect of flu shot. Has anyone heard of this?
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    Cath Still a Problem

    I presume you are talking about the condom cath, they are a bugger to get to stay on. Which I suppose is why most of the people I know who had them have switched to indwelling or superpubics.

    I am going to move this over to the care section, hopefully one of the nurses can provide some suggestions on condom cath's that will stay on better.

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