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  • Parent(s)

    33 20.50%
  • Spouse

    60 37.27%
  • Other relative

    6 3.73%
  • Personally paid care giver

    32 19.88%
  • Financially assisted care giver

    30 18.63%
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Thread: Care Givers

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    Here's a link to a similar poll we had here a while ago:

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    Care Givers

    My spouse is my primary, and thus far, only care giver. I just passed the first anniversary of my motorcycle crash (Nov. 6). I don't know how much longer my wife can physically do the chores associated with my daily care. We're in our mid 60s, and I am becoming a real chunk to move around. Yes, I know, a diet is in order, and I'm trying. Being new to this situation (SCI) my assumption is that the higher the injury level the more important care giving becomes. I am a para, and most of the aid I need is with bowel care, showering and dressing. My wife also gives me a daily stretching routine. I volunteer my services twice a week to give my wife some time off and way from me. After 42 years, we don't have to be physically together to be together. I hope more of you partcipate in the poll so we can get good data.

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    I don't know how to answer!

    My husband is c6 incomplete, independent, about 20 months post. We had a series of helpers from an agency for the first few weeks after the hospital, and then I helped with things like transfers, ROM, opening pill bottles, whatever, until he gradually picked it all back up for himself. Today he doesn't want or need any "caregiving". So I guess the box I'd check is "none".

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    None of the above for hubby (t10). He has been independent for past year (he is year and half since injury). We do have couple of people coming to our house. One mostly cleans and cooks and takes him for his appts, the other strictly helps him excercise. The system seems to work for now, that way we get to spend time together in the evenings (I work 8-5) and do things we like to do.

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    Care Givers

    Krajaxa, are the folks who come in to cook, clean, drive and exercise paid? If so, by whom? Many of us are independent except for a few ADLs. It would be good for all of us to learn how the others are getting along and with how much assistance. If you haven't, I think you could vote in one of the categories. Thanks alot.

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    Hi guys, luckily my husband is my caregiver
    though a very close girlfriend moved in with
    us for a couple of months and she was
    instrumental in re-organising the house, kitchen,
    bathroom,bedrooms to make access easier. She is
    also a great long time friend to both of us so we
    could both run our thoughts and feelings past her.
    I would have to classify her as significant other
    [very significant]. Sorry folks, you can't have her.
    I think from Dogger's post, its obvious he could do
    with a little female distraction..........any ideas
    Keep Rollin

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    Other than cooking...its me. The wifey takes care of cooking as a self defense mechanism...although I make killer baby back ribs.

    I'm a c5-6 quad with some c7,8 return. No fine motor skills...but enough movement in fingers for the toileting needs. Good use of triceps for independent transfers.

    Now when I have the gets real ugly.

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    Bumping up again. Surely with all the people registered here we can get a better representation than just 49 responses! C'mon folks! It's easy to check a box!


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    Bump. I think that this is a very worthwhile poll and so put it at the top to see if we can get more responses. Wise.

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    I'm c5-6 incomplete, 2 1/2 yrs post, mostly independent. I have a girl come clean house weekly; I accept any help my family offers or that I can badger out of them. My health care needs are entirely my own.

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