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Thread: Lipo for quads?

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    Lipo for quads?

    This may sound super vain, but is there anyone that has heard about a quad getting liposuction? I'm 40 years old, about 4 yrs post(c5-6), 3 kids and wife....midlife crisis? maybe.....despite trying diet/exercise, I've gained about 80lbs..I know I'm not going to have a six pack, but is it doable and safe? Just wondering what u guys thought.
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    When I was in my 30's about 12+ years ago I got my first pressure sore which required surgery. I was sent to a plastic srgeon and whike I was there I was complaining about my quad gut. He told me that he would consider lipo and that he could probably get my insurance to pay for it. It was quite tempting but I opted out becase of so many things that could go wrong,i.e infection, blood clots etc. I always did want a tummy tuck though but never got around to it.

    It's a tough decision. I would talk to a board certified surgeon and discuss all the pros and cons.

    For me now, the menopause gut is covering the quad gut up quite well.

    Sorry I don't have any answers for you but good luck in whatever you decide.

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    Man, im with you on that. Amost 3 years post and I've gained about the same amount of weight. When I had my gulbladder takin out the doc was telling me how fat I was. I work out 3 days a week with free weights, 30 minutes cardio daily and I eat like a bird. I have always had a problem getting my metabolism on track, I probaly should eat more. Gotta quit drinking too.

    Let me know what you find out if this thread doesn't answer itself.


    I've always been a big dude though. 6'4, 220-225 pre-sci. So, I'm about 35lbs overweight. Got down to 165 in ICU, then 185 by the time I left rehab.

    You'll get more responses if you give more information in your profile...
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    I've been telling everyone I want lipo on this quad belly for years
    I'm super thin everywhere else.
    I look like an old pregnant lady. In other words inappropriate.
    But I doubt medicare will pay for it.

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    It would be great to be able totake it off the belly and put it on the hiney where it would do some good

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    I know of one women with tetraplegia who had both a liposuction and then a plastic surgery procedure to remove redudant skin in her abdomen, but this was only a year ago, so long term results are not available.

    Keep in mind that many people with SCI have a quad belly that is NOT from excess fat, but from laxity of the abdominal muscles that were stretched out by the weight of their abdominal organs. Not wearing an abdominal binder makes this stretching worse. Liposuction cannot tighten up the abdominal wall, and if you have it done, it could result in you having lots of skinny folds of redundant skin. To remove that, you might have to have a procedure to cut off the excess skin, and then to also place Dacron mesh or other artificial material in the abdominal wall (as is sometimes done for hernias) to keep it from just happening all over again.

    I would never consider having this done except by a very proficient plastic surgeon who is also quite experienced in care of the person with SCI, and it is expensive (because it is cosmetic) so it would be rare that an insurance would cover it.


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    My mistake...Sorry for midreading the question.
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    I wonder if I could get it paid for by medicare if I told them the belly laps over my supra pubic and keeps me from draining in my wheelchair.

    For sure a top ranked plastic surgeon. That mesh sounds good.
    I really want to do this. I'm sure it's made worse not wearing a binder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laurenswaha11
    I have seen liposuction of the quads...I think you can get lipo just about anywhere.
    ???? Liposuction of the quads? That is a muscle in your legs. We are talking about people with quadriplegia (tetraplegia) having abdominal liposuction.
    Do you have a SCI or work with people who do???


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    So are y'all sayin we're stuck lookin like we need to lose 4 bowlin balls off the gut while the rest of us looks anorexic. I have scoliosis to boot and it keeps saggin in the same direction makin the curve worse. I have to put a rolledop towel between this big friggin tumor and my hip. I also eat luke a bird, exercise and all. I can't tell ya how I hite this crap. U got a sore thar kept me in bed for a long time and they had me slurpin 6 ensures a day, gained 3o lbs and can't even transfer.

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