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Thread: Night sweat ?

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    I'm a L1,L3 incomplete and get night sweats. Not everynight but when I do it's bad. I acctually get a puddle on my chest if i'm laying on my back. Very wierd so I plan to ask doc about responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freedomdan
    could be a return of reflexes if sweating below the level of injury
    Is this true? My father-in-law, C2 complete as of 4 weeks ago, has recently been getting sweaty feet when he's wearing these special boots (can't remember what they're called, but they're for support to help prevent muscle atrophy I think). He's also been getting clammy hands. I thought that with complete injuries there was no sweating below the injury? Maybe he's actually incomplete?

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    First, I would rule out autonomic dysreflexia as a cause of his sweating and clamminess. Ask the nurses to check his blood pressure when this happens to confirm it. Boots that are "painful" are a common cause.


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    maybe a postition change

    I get night sweats.
    Usually once a night it's because it's time to cath.
    But if it has been less than 4 hours or so I first change positions.
    Most of the time that helps.

    Or course, changing positions is a bit of work because the only positions that my legs don't spasm in are when I'm lying on either side with my knees bent, consequently I have to sit up to move my legs.

    These days I wake before the sweats get bad and move. If that doesn't help, I cath.

    I've also had sweats from heartburn so have learned to manage that better.


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    I'm a C4 incomplete ASIA5 11 weeks post and one night last week I woke up sweating enough to have to change my shirt. I don't take my BP. Also was in the store a week before that with my dtr shopping and was very tired and felt so whoozy in the store that I had to sit quickly. I asked my PT if incompletes could have AD and she said yes but not as likely as a complete. I do know that if my bladder gets overfull I sometimes don't feel so well. Still not sure that's AD. I am also peri-menopausal/menopausal so with the sweating it's hard to know.

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    Yes, incompletes can definitely get AD. Get a blood pressure cuff (digital is easiest) and take your blood pressure when you have these symptoms. Dizziness is much more likely to be due to LOW blood pressure (hypotension) than AD though.


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