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Thread: Night sweat ?

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    Night sweat ?

    My sweetheart has being sweating a lot at night lately- not every night, but when he does he REALLY soaks the bed. Why does this happen? There is no pattern in terms of when it happens... it just does

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    Autonomic dysreflexia. It occurs when something is "wrong" with the body. It is more common in levels of the cervical cord. Check to see that his feet are okay, sometimes something as simple as the sheet being too tight can cause one to sweat. If he is utilizing a drainage bag in the evening check to see that it is flowing properly, there may be some backup of some urine.

    Autonomic dysreflexia can be life-threatening. Sweating is just one of the symptoms. The nurses will tell you to take his blood pressure at the time of sweating because that will indicate more of an episode. I'm not a doctor nor am I a nurse I am just giving you my own experience as a tetraplegic.
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    Agree w/ Liz, it's a symptom, mine started with lupusyrs ago, not that often now unless I have a g#@# d#*&, F#@&%ng UTI.

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    I once had cold sweats like this and we finally figured out it was a bladder stone... after it was removed the sweats disappeared. I hope you find the cause because I know how frustrating the cold sweats can be... best wishes
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    Need to check his blood pressure when this occurs to determine if it is AD or not. Some people with SCI just have inappropriate sweating, so not all sweating is AD. Sweating that is positional can sometimes be a symptom of a syrinx as well.


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    He's never had any problems with AD. His injury was almost 4 months ago now. Would it be unusual for him to have AD symptoms now after never having any? I know KLD said that some people with SCI just sweat. Is there a reason for this? He is doing great otherwise, and didn't sweat at all last night.

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    I have seen people never have their first episode of AD for years after their injury, although most have their first episode in their first year. Take his blood pressure to be sure.

    Inappropriate sweating without AD can be attributed to the disruption of the autonomic nervous system (which controls sweating) below the level of injury.


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    could be a return of reflexes if sweating below the level of injury

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    My fiance is T7 and he gets night sweats when he has run out of his bladder medication. It never fails. He forgets to renew the perscription until he is out, and then he has night sweats until he goes and picks up the new script. Not sure what level he is...but something having to do with his bladder meds may be the culprit too.
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    My fiance is very incomplete. He doesn't take any meds. I will watch his pressure though KLD to make sure it isn't AD. What do you mean by "disruption" in his ANS? Is that "normal" for SCI's? He is also back at work now- doing VERY well in the OR! He has some problems with his neck getting stiff, but other than that he- AND ESPECIALLY his patients are doing GREAT!

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