View Poll Results: Where was your first pressure sore located?

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  • Heel/Foot

    37 22.84%
  • Ankle

    8 4.94%
  • Knee

    1 0.62%
  • Ischium

    22 13.58%
  • Sacrum

    39 24.07%
  • Trochanter/Hip

    6 3.70%
  • Shoulder/Upper Back

    3 1.85%
  • Elbow

    6 3.70%
  • Other (please post)

    8 4.94%
  • Haven't had one yet

    32 19.75%
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Thread: Where was your first pressure sore located?

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    My first was on my ankle. Initially from a poorly fitted protective boot while I was in the hospital. What started as a red mark that didn't seem that serious (to me) has turned into a 2 year plus nightmare. Tried to heal it for a year before deciding to go ahead with a risky flap surgery. Complications the surgery nearly killed me.

    Spent the next year trying to recover and deal with the sore still being open to the bone. One surgeon constantly pressured for amputation of my leg below the knee. Another thankfully worked with me to try to improve the odds for a second successful surgery. I had some good results from a long course of nerve wracking hyperbaric treatments. The surgery was redone nearly 1 year after the first one. It went well and my recover was initially better than hoped for, for several months. But now the healing has stalled and the osteo is back. So what will happen now, I don't know. I am tired of dealing with it at this point.

    While in the hospital after the first surgery I also ended up with a sore on my coccyx, which was also later repaired with a flap and I have had no complications from thankfully just need to be careful with it. Another on my ear (shearing) that hasn't healed much, if any, in 1 year. And a number of stage 1 and 2 sores on my hip that were slow to heal but did eventually heal well on their own. Nobody was to blame but all the sores I have had have come while I was hospitalized. So I am keen to avoid hospitals now.

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    having a low profile cushion 3 years ago and flying many times from europe to usa ...i got 3 ugly sores on my buttocks [sacrum as well].one got infected and i almost died ...septicemy .thanks god i am still alive.i bought a high profile roho ...much better now.
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    One thing I've learned from this thread so far is that the coccyx is a possible location for a sore. I got a good lecture on sores in rehab [scary pictures and all] and practice checking for them in various locations, but I don't remember anyone mentioning the coccyx as a possible location. Thanks folks for posting that.

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    Both ischels in 1st year.

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    My first pressure sore was on my tail bone (coccyx). I went home from rehab still in a chest brace (brace from hell). The hospital gave me a cheap raised toilet seat to use until my equipment arrived. My chest brace pinched my skin in the toilet seat.

    The wound become a stage 5, putting me back in the hospital with staff infection, placing me in a quarantined room. It took two operations. Taking skin from my leg and put in the wound. As I remember this period was as traumatic as my original accident. Feeling I had done something wrong to get the wound and the isolation giving me way too much time to think.
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    I've had pressure sores on my toes.

    I like to think I've avoided pressure sores on my butt because I've always slept on my stomach and altho I don't do pressure reliefs I do constantly shift in my wc, also staying at a healthy weight (not too fat and not too skinny) helps too.

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    Around year 5 I got a heel sore from stuffing my feet into bad tight shoes

    More then a decade later I started using a different cushion and suddenly developed a sore on my tail bone totally freaking me out! I thought that was the beginning of the end. But I got a high profile roho and it went away.

    A couple years ago I got one on my back where my bra strap is after I lost weight and it reopened when I lost weight again last year.

    None were serious thank god. I credit use of keri lotion and then Lubriderm. Also the fidgeting from discomfort of my bum.
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    Statistically, in SCI the vast majority of pressure ulcers are pelvic: sacrum, coccyx, ischium, trochanter, and iliac crest/spine. Next is heels.

    At any one time in the community, approx. 30% of those with SCI have a pressure ulcer.


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    right elbow about 10 months post. crease of where leg meets girl parts kindof? 4 years post (had to lay spread eagle several hours/day to heal it ). right elbow twice more since then. tops of my feet 2 years post from scraping in pool. right ankle from second hand AFO.

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    None, so far - 2 years post. Thanking god. I'm C6 and don't do pressure reliefs as much as I should, but I do shift around a LOT. Alaso, its incredibly had to explain, but i can feel when my butt is uncomfotable or getting numb. Knock on wood.

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