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Thread: TBIs, seizures and memory?

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    TBIs, seizures and memory?

    I know I'm not the only person here with a TBI and/or epilepsy. Anyone else have short term memory problems when especially tired or when sick/running a fever? It's as though my brain is so busy trying to compensate for the fatigure or fever that I have problems.

    The only connectrions I can find to having the occasional memory problems are extreme tiredness or fever other than after a seizure.

    I'm aware I have trouble with memory when something is brought to my attention by a friend or family member and it's as though my short term memory banks have been bulk erased for a specified, tiny frame of time. I feel like a ditz.

    My memory isn't the only thing which goes fuzzy around the edges when I'm tired, sick or just after a seizure. I have difficulty finding the right word or I reverse word order in a sentence or misspell words if I'm writing by reversing letter order within individual words.

    I not only feel frustrated with myself, but I feel embarrassed when this happens around others.

    Anyone else? Anyone? Buehler?

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    What you describe is very very common. You are not alone.

    Almost any neurologic problem that affects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) gets worse when you are tired or sick.

    As many here will testify, when you have a UTI after a spinal cord injury, you can feel tired/crappy, but it is also often harder to transfer, your limbs feel weaker, your bowel/bladder get worse, etc.... And if you have had a traumatic brain injury (especially one that has left a scar on your brain) or a stroke, if you get a UTI it is very common to have non-specific "cognitive" problems - fatigue/concentration problems/memory problems/irritability/confusion etc... or sometimes even specific symptoms from your original injury come back in full force.

    For example, if you had a stroke that caused weakness on your left side of your body, often over time you will regain strength on that side. Maybe you are lucky, and you get back to near normal and "forget" you had a stroke in the past. But then let's say 1 year later you get sick.... a pneumonia... . or a UTI.... and then suddenly that left side of your body gets weak again. Often you may fear that you have had another stroke! But it turns out you actually just have an infection, and once that is treated, your strength improvea back to your prior baseline.

    Also, many people with epilepsy will have more seizures or "break-through seizures" that occur when they get an infection.

    Think about it this way.... whenever your brain takes a "hit" from an injury, fortunately the brain often learns to compensate for the injury over time and often your function improves with time. But if something else happens to you that pushes you a little away from your normal good health, you seem to have a lower threshold for being able to compensate for this new problem acutely. So all of your "old" problems creep up on you again..... Fortunately, once you get some sleep, or treat your UTI.... things will be back to "normal" again.

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    I've been rolling at a hard clip lately and I'm exhausted. I do and say goofy things when I get like this.

    I've had more difficulty with my body and with amped up pain levels given how physically on the go I've been. I know that happens to me. I've just started to piece together the memory/cognition/fuzziness factor of what the fatigue does to me, too.

    It's like my body is in this delicate balance of functioning how it does until I get uber tired or become sick or have a seizure. I have less physical function than ever when I get like this.

    Ditto for my brain. I've tried to laugh it off when I say something like "planted pot" for a "potted plant" or "boncrete cridge" for "concrete bridge'. Doing it once in a while is no biggie and even funny. This has been more than once in a while lately.

    There was one day this week when I did not want to talk to anyone because my speech was coming out wacky. I apologized to friends and family.

    I'm going to chill and stay home this weekend. I need to stay in one place (my apartment in this case), relax, chill, do nothing, sleep. My pain is pretty well ratcheted out the roof so sleep may not come as easily as I'd like, but I'll get there when I do.

    Thanks hlh.

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    Everyone gets foggy headed when they have a fever, extreme fatigue... I think post TBI/seizure pts. can be more sensitive.

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    Get rested, ME. Your brain is too awesome for wire to cross from exhaustion. I hope you aren't coming down with something. I prescribe a long marathon of Season 4 of Sex and the City, followed by an even longer nap! Rinse and repeat prn. :0

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    Get rested, ME. Your brain is too awesome for wire to cross from exhaustion. I hope you aren't coming down with something. I prescribe a long marathon of Season 4 of Sex and the City, followed by an even longer nap! Rinse and repeat prn. :0
    Thanks Betheny. I love lather, rinse, repeat, especially as you prescribe.

    I've been freaking about this because my whole life I've viewed it as having my brain even though my body was and is big time farkled. No matter what happened with my bod, there has always been my grey matter to figure things out and see me through.

    I'd freaked about the fuzziness until I started to find what I see as a pattern. Even knowing what's probably up doesn't make me feel much better because I have been embarrassed by my words and actions.

    For example, I put my sunglasses in my Mom's purse instead of mine. She found them when she got home yesterday.

    I added instead of subtracted with one of my bank accounts. Fortunately I had enough to cover my error without pulling from another account, but I usually don't do things like that.

    I'm not seen as a ditz among friends and family, but I've a ditzy chicky of late. It's not just one thing. It's been everything.

    I was asleep earlier than usual last night and slept until 10:30 this a.m. I was so wiped out I stayed home last night and just slept.

    I've been cocooning on the sofa in my jammies. I put on my plaid flannel comfort threadss and became as one with the furniture. I posted here several times, but otherwise stayed right where I was.

    I know we can all get goofy from time to time when tired, but this has been an extraordinary amount of D'oh.

    I, too, wondered if I'm about to get a bug of some sort or a UTI. So far, fortunately, nada.

    Part of me has worried because two of my Grandparents had Alzheimer's. I started to worry I was prematurely headed that way, too. After sleeping last night I feel a little better and ess fritzed around the edges. I hope more rest and sleep will alleviate the goofies.

    To CWO: I've seen other people get a little off when tired or sick. This has been excessive on my part. If I were not clean and sober these days I'd swear I was drunk and high. I'm not. I'm exhausted.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Sorry Mem. {hugs} Please get lots of rest.
    It'll get better. You just need to rest.
    Also Omega's 3-6-9 help.
    Eat walnuts, pecans, off & on throughout the day.
    By themselves.
    I'm doing the same thing.
    I'm learning to think & talk slower.
    I notice AB do it too. lol
    But I know what you mean sometimes it gets to be TOO MUCH.
    I'll be praying for you sweetie. {hugs}

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    Thanks Mona. I've slept a chunk today, have a feeling I'll sleep soundly again tonight, too.

    Note to self: No more pushing that hard and long again.

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    Hi Mem.

    My ex had MELAS. She was on a HUGE regimen of Co-Q10 to prevent strokes.

    I'm not sure if this applies, but you may want to look into it.

    Feel better.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Back in November, I woke up one morning and when my caregiver came in, I couldn't remember her name to save my life. I had completely forgotten that I had a night caregiver and the fact that I couldn't stand her. I still have a lot of memory problems and frequently forget complete facts in parts of conversations so I have to count on someone else to be around me to help me remember. Since these problems have started, I've had a neuropsychology exam which told me I had significant memory loss, even short-term. I remember he would read off a list of words and I would have to remember as many of them as I could and I usually can remember any. It was really scary and still is. We don't know what's wrong. I'm really worried about going back to school because of my memory. How am I going to remember all the facts that I study for during a test? And it doesn't matter if I'm tired or wide-awake, I just have really bad problems.
    C-5/6, 7-9-2000
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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