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Thread: Any long termers?

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    Like so many people here, energy has become a serious issue for me. I'm almost 52, post-28, C4-5, and worked full-time until about 5 years ago. It had already begun to get harder to hold down by the time the company "downsized", and I usually spent most of my personal/vacation days through the year on occasions when I was just unable to make it in to work. I try to exercise daily as much as limited movement allows, but many days I still feel about 20 years older. For the most part I don't have serious health problems, and I get up every day barring wheelchair or skin problems, which thankfully are rare. Still, many if not most days, I don't feel "normal" until well into the afternoon. This has now persisted for a few years; no sign of sugar or thyroid problems, just low sodium. Age does seem to just beat the hell out of a lot of us crips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe
    You don't know how lucky you are who live in a country who let you get jobs even if you use a chair so you can pay tax. I did have a job until the day I got my chair and then I lost it in two weeks. And it is LEGAL and in my case was the reason the lack of a HC bathroom. Biggest hospital in the country and I worked like a secretary.
    this is between juke and myself. im not judging anyone but him. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by para33
    I often peruse these boards and find that most of the participants
    are injured 10 years or less. I was wondering if there is anybody here who has been injured 20 years or more. I have been a T12-L1 para for 22 years. It seemed like in the begining I was great. I was 17 years old, in shape, zipping around in my Quickie, having alot of fun. Im now approaching 39 years old and there are days I feel like an old man. Everything is getting harder and Im dealing with alot of medical issues now. There are days I just dont have the patience to put up with this injury any more. But I keep trying and trying. Worrying and often dealing with accidents, UTI's, skin sores and in my case very bad urological issues such as a kidney full of stones, baldder stones and infections. Depsite your best efforts, these things are often inevitable. If there are any 20+ years injured here, Im curious how life is treating you. Im not sure if this post is appropriate for Care forum, so please move if necessary.
    I've been T5 "complete" for 22 years, I'm now almost 47. para33, somewhere on this site there's a link or a thread specifically concerned with the subject of aging with SCI, and what to expect and how best to prevent or prolong the onset of problems that come as we get older.
    I haven't read it, as I don't want to get a sneak preview of the joys SCI has in store for me. But maybe someone can point out the thread, I did a quick search to no avail.

    Good luck buddy
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    But I am sure I am not the only one feeling guilty when you write like that.
    I do, I feel guilty for my SCI even after nearly 39 years and I have an atraumatic SCI and I still don't know the reason. I remember my mother crazy with anger and I was 15 and did not understand a thing.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps
    ahhhh, so my tax dollars have been supporting your crippled ass.
    Statements like this actually depend on how much one have put into the system without sneaking away every little dollar. You maybe feel like posting you’re tax certificate lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by para33
    I often peruse these boards and find that most of the participants
    are injured 10 years or less. I was wondering if there is anybody here who has been injured 20 years or more.
    I have been hurt 18 years, T12 and have been in pretty good health, I have only got 1 sore, and maybe a handful of UTI's in that time.

    PS Roid Boy, I think they are affecting more than your muscles, you seem to be getting alittle mouthy lately. We might have to start referring to you as ADI #2
    Tough Times Don't Last...Tough People Do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps
    im thinking if you worked u wouldnt be in low income housing.
    So you've never heard of the working poor? My mother grew up in government housing. Not only did her parents work, but beginning when she was a teenager, my mother worked and contributed financially to the household.

    Low income housing is exactly what it sounds like. A place to live for people who have low income. Where do you think you'd be living if you made, oh, I dunno, minimum wage?


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    Selling insurances maybe? lol

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    Rchecser-Im curious, do you do intermittent cath? Im asking because Im also T12 and looking for some information about it.

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    "Lifer" here. para since birth (33 yrs ago)... Starting to feel the affects of 70yo shoulders (arthritis in both)... If we were meant to use our shoulders, we'd still be in trees. I lead a fairly active lifestyle with work and pleasure. I gallivant across the pond every 3 months or so to catch up with my workmates in sunny Florida. I don't know how but I have managed to keep everything in check for most my life. I have the ocassional UTI like everyone else and bowel troubles but other than that, lifes been pretty good to me.
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