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Thread: Need Help- Nurse- Wise

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    Need Help- Nurse- Wise

    Im a T12-L1 para self cathed for 22 years with minimal leakage. Had a bladder stone size of golf ball. Had 1/2 removed. Other half in 2 weeks. Stone is chronically infected. Was in hospital for 5 days for intravenous antibiotic. Had foley for two weeks. It was placed as they had to dilate the urethra due to strictures in order to do the laser stone removal. Im home now.Here's the problem. Got foley removed today. Urine has been gushing out all day. Everything is totally loose and open due to the foley! Even when I self cath now the sphincter is practically not there, where as before, it was always pretty firm. Questions:

    1. How long will it take for things to "tighten up" after having this foley inside.

    2.I have this chronically infected stone which keeps perpetuating this low grade infection. Doctor wants to end Levaquin on Monday and then do a new urine sample on Wednesday. The urine stinks, Im leaking, Im getting low cc's, although I only drank 30 ounces today, as Im trying to control the leakage. However, my temp is at most 98.9-99.4 then always goes down. No real fevers to report.

    Please any input, I dont know what to do. Im wet, depressed, ready to give up as its been 22 years and I just cant see another 50 years of living like this.
    I have a pressure sore and Im handling everything myself. There is just so much to think about.

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    Well, the stone needs to come out if you are going to get the infection and smelly pee under control.

    It is usual to leak this much with a foley for only a few days. Did the doctor say anything about trauma during your cystoscopy? If you have a lot of strictures, then getting a rigid cystoscope in place for laser can be difficult and it is possible that your sphincter was damaged. Of course the infection does not help.

    For now, use an external condom catheter to keep you dry until you can get the next phase of your treatment done. You may need several per day as it is difficult to re-use them, and you still need to cath for residual urine, even if you are leaking.

    Keep your fluids up. This will help with the stone, and help prevent more infection (or new stone forming).


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    Parra, hope things start to level out for you, your in my thoughts.

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