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Thread: New Health Center pics...

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    Arrow New Health Center pics...

    Miora asked me to post these two photos of their new Health Center which is under construction. I didn't get specifics...yet

    Looking good, where is it located, and are you guys nearby?

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    CG many thanks !
    I did start a thread (or so I thought) but anyway here it goes:
    We are in ChiangMai (12 km from its center) ,1 hr flight from Bangkok, Thailand.
    Our next door neighbours are rice fields and on the other side is a school oval, with very little activity (actually non existent so far), and we should be open in January or earlier.
    Everything is designed for people with reduced mobility .
    The web site is in construction will be up & running next week (hopefully!).
    Now that is more of a reality than a dream we are quite excited about it & also a bit anxious that the project turns out the way we envisioned.
    By the time we open I'll look 10 years older.

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