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Thread: any pain like this? please look

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    any pain like this? please look

    i have a horrible pain in my inner thigh/groin area. it feels like someone is taking a large knife, then stabs me in the leg and slowly takes it out. i'm no wuss, but this is about the worst pain i've ever felt. i'm about 2yrs post accident, and this started about 1yr ago. nothing i do relieves it. it doesn't matter what activities i'm doing, nothing helps or makes it worse.
    it happens all day long and all night. some days aren't as bad as others. sometimes its a dull pain that lasts a few seconds, other times its a very sharp pain that lasts about 30 seconds. when the bad ones happen, it doubles me over, clenches my jaw, and makes me completely stop doing what i'm doing. i immediately put pressure on my legs, as more of a reflex. i'd like to think it helps, but it doesn't seem to matter at all.
    i've taken so many drugs for this, but nothing seems to help. i'm on neurontin 4X a day, 600mg. sometimes, on the bad days, i take up to 10 extra (not at one time) to try to get rid of the pain. i've tried vicodin, tylenol, hydrocodone, tramadol, some others, and now a new one. nothing seems to help. i've also tried a heating pad to, nada.
    the drs tell me its a nerve pain. i guess i've never challenged them to say that its a muscle pain, so i don't know.
    nights like tonight, i've been up all night. i can't sleep b/c of the pain. it hurts too bad. i'm hoping that someone has had similar issues, and can help give me some advice....please!! i'm at my wits end. i tried to search in this forum, but haven't come up with anything like my pain. anyway, thanks for your help!
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    No suggestions, but I feel for ya.

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    Among the other pains, I have stabbing pains in various places. I haven't found anything that works on them, or on any of the sensations. I hope you have better luck.

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    sorry to hear mariela i`ve tried many pain meds ...nada ...good luck ....
    i hate pain as well.
    ps.dont laugh please ...after 7-8 beers i sleep for few hrs and the pain level is ok.from 10 to 8....
    is called alcholic anasthesia....
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    My nerve pain is different than this, but some people find Lyrica works better than Neurontin.
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    This sounds like you might be describing what some call "lightening pains" with a strong, almost electrical, shooting sensation. If that's what it is, they can be notoriously difficult to treat.

    If it's more like the pain is within the muscle, I've heard of some people having a little luck by applying deep pressure, such as pressing into the muscle with a thumb, to stretch the muscle spindle (the nerve inside the muscle).

    Have you tried TENS to lower the intensity?

    BTW, have you had a nerve conduction study to see if they can pin down what's happening?

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    Mariel, I'm sorry to hear about your pain. I had pain like you're describing while in rehab (I'm 14 months post-injury). It was so bad that I'd double over on the PT table and cry in the gym. It was often accompanied by a fiery feeling from the right side of my groin down into my right leg and foot. I still have that damn burning/pins and needles/cold, hot, and wet feeling most all the time...yes, hard to describe. Fortunately, Neurontin took the edge off of this for me. I still have the pain but it is not nearly as intense as it used to be. I hope you can find some relief soon. I know it's hard to deal with.

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    Danine - "wet feeling" that's a good way to describe it, like you're wearing jeans soaked in acid? Actually the pain seems worse when I'm wearing pants instead of shorts, even though I can't really feel my legs, weird.

    Marielea, do the pains coincide with spasms? How much real sensation do you have in the area?

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    i have the lightning electrocution pains too, been dealing with if for over 7 years now.
    wish i could find med that works well, i m on lyric 300 Day, i here tegetrol is worth try.
    i malso on oxyconton and was using opana for bt pin.
    i just started with fentora the lst 3 hasnt worked as expected. it is barely working, dont even feel it
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    After reading your post again I want to pitch in a couple more thoughts. First of all, until relatively recently doctors generally didn't acknowledge that neuropathic pain could be felt in the muscles themselves. It can and that's the type muscle pain I referred to in my earlier response. The muscle spindle nerve seems vulnerable to this sort of thing, even if it isn't the most common symptom. Of course, there are still many doctors who are unfamiliar with this manifestation of neuro pain.

    It is very common for people using Neurontin for neuropathic pain to have to go with a higher dose that the 600 you're taking. Also, you should be aware that when the generic versions first appeared many people reported that the noticed a huge difference in effectiveness. Awhile back I started a thread to discuss this difference. You may want to review the information in that discussion at

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