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Thread: Accessible Fishing Docks

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    We have the same type of fishing piers around here i Stuart and Jensen beach,we get a lot of snook and goliath grouper off of them , the only problem is the railing is about 6 or 8 inches too high. I had a meeting with the Martin County building inspector and the engineers about lowering just a few sections of the rail but they have never done anything about cutting them down.
    I drew them the plans on CAD program and even said that I would machine out the end caps for them but they have never responded back..
    the rails have to be so high that I have to hold my arm up and kind of cradle the top of the rail in my armpit to fish there.And I have bad shoulders from being in the chair for 29 years now that it kills me to fish there , but we do catch fish If I feel up to going..
    Crashbang , are you in Vero? I am right down the road in PSL..
    Quote Originally Posted by Crashbang View Post
    monkster wrote:
    Plenty of accessible piers in Florida.

    Feast your eyes on this one in Vero Beach, FL:

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    The One That Got Away and Almost Killed Me

    The first time that I went bass fishing after my accident I was with my Uncle and hooked this monster bass on a 15 yard cast. I worked him in and anglers know that a long cast catch is the best. Just as I got him to the bank of a 2 ft drop off, he spit out my split-tail grub. Totally without thinking, I dropped my pole and dove down the bank and into the mud, attempting to trap the 5 pounder in my arms. The fish jumped once and I used my arms to go further toward the water in a frenzy. The fish got away and I realized quickly that I may be in trouble. The mud was deep and sticky, luckily the water was low or I would have instantly drowned. After about 30 minutes of tugging and falling, I finally made it out of the mud and on the bank again. When my Uncle returned and saw me a muddy mess and exhausted lying on my back, all he said was, did you let the fish get away? I will always appreciate him for that. I am now more apt to letem get away. Miss trudging through the woods to get to those prime spots but still love to angle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtravla View Post
    ..Miss trudging through the woods to get to those prime spots but still love to angle.
    Amen to that....very well stated!

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    I live in Pompano Beach and our pier rail height also is too high !!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnGimp View Post
    There's an accessible fishing dock/pier down the road here on Cherokee Lake, pass it often and there has only been twice I have noticed a wc user there. It's in a good spot when the lake levels are not low due to drought.
    I have only fished once since injury, early on. It just doesn't seem the same when you aren't having to go thru heck to get to the 'good' spots.
    capn, I love trailer park boys. funniest show ever.

    okonee state park, is accessable. that is in table rock south carolina. there are other accessable places, but they are fishing from the shore, including some nicely maintained places near clemson university. they are maintained by the college as well. It would be great to have more.

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    I promised myself I would fish more this spring and summer. Drinking isn't as satifying as it once was, I seem to be smiling more. It will be 3 years on the 26th, I may have to get moving and maybe live again. Maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott 06 View Post
    Does anybody from Iowa no of any fishing doc's or piers that are hc accessable. I'm in central Iowa and there is a nice pier at Otter Creek Park that is all cement in Tama County. Trying to find others to fish and I'm in a power chair. Thanks for any help. go here, then follow along to the handicap accessible places in each area of Iowa.
    "What has happened, has happened; What I am going through, I shall rise above; And what will come, I will meet with courage"~Hazrat Inayat Kahn

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    Quote Originally Posted by amarillogal View Post
    My husband pointed this article out to me from his Bass Master magazine. Blake Muhlenbruck of Naked Bait Co. in Colorado is organizing an auction to raise funds to build two accessible fishing docks in every state. Here's a link to the story to where you can find more information and nominate a lake in your area for an accessible dock:

    Blake is a friend of mine and a Friend to the Disability Community.
    Thanks Blake

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishin'guy View Post
    I must be very fortunate, within 45 minutes from home there is 3 lakes, and 3 saltwater piers available , I've caught fish from all 6 and squid from 3 of them 3 freshwater also gotten, trout, triploids, tiger muskie,bass, catfish, and working on gettin to the steelhead access.
    WASHINGTON IS GREAT. also rainforest type camping
    within 1 hour(6 spots)
    What lakes and what saltwater piers? I'm doing an article on accessible fishing and would love to share these details! Please help.

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