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Thread: Cloth Seat vs Leather-Appointed

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    Cloth Seat vs Leather-Appointed

    I'm buying a new vehicle and wondering the pros and cons of seat options. I automatically like the leather better even though it's an upgrade. Seems as though it will be easier to clean and looks sleeker. It will be an 8 way swivel seat so possibly a easier transfer being slicker.

    A friend told me they thought the leather was too slick. Also you have to consider it getting very hot in the sun. I'm not sure if one would feel more comfortable than the other (trying to test out, but may not be possible).

    The cloth is just cloth in the middle of the seat and back and still has leather on the perimeters etc. I don't like the design on the cloth either.

    What do you all think?
    It's an Uplander btw:
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    Leather. Easy to clean. Cloth seats suCk.

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    Leather won't pull your sweats down when you transfer at the gym!

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    If you go with the leather just don't ever go bare legged into the seat as you could burn your skin.

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    The leather is definitely better!! We got cloth and had to put on vinyl seat covers on the swivel seat because my husband's pants kept getting twisted up or pulled off when transferring. The seat covers work, but they are constantly working themselves off and need constant adjustment.

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    I went with leather on my new van, I have had two other vans with cloth.
    The leather is a good bit easier to slide across when transfering.
    I also use a 6 way power transfer seat base.

    It is hotter in the summer.... but once the AC cools the van down, I never notice it.
    I am in Texas, and it gets HOT here

    I have not found it too slick

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    As all have noted above, go with leather.

    Possibly another benny, does the 8way power seat then come with memory settings? My upgrade to leather has this, Chrysler T&C, and I set mem1 for driving position, and mem2 for "swivel" position. Driving position makes the seatback hang on the seatbelt on the wall. Using "swivel" position, I am always set to clear this and give max legroom too, without "hunting" each time.

    heat: they get kinda hot in direct sun, but not that bad for long
    slick: what is too slick?

    ETA: re-reading your post, it sounds like you have already convinced youself on leather anyway.
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    Leather lets you slide more easily across the seat when doing transfers, etc. In fact the VA will consider leather seats as an adaptive device for veterans with SCI and MS as part of their vehicle modification grants for those who are eligible.


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    I just switched out cloth seats for leather in my vehicle. Sooo much easier to slide on. Firmer so I sit up straight - I was always scooching myself up on the cloth. My cloth seats stained too easily as well.
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