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Thread: "New" chair -- Lasher Sport BT-Mg

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    "New" chair -- Lasher Sport BT-Mg

    So I got this chair two months ago, but haven't had the internet because I also recently moved and got married, so lots of stuff has been going on.

    I know there has been a lot of hype about the Lasher chairs, so I'll give my review after I put a few pics.

    Specs (if I remember correctly)

    14"w x 16"d
    rear seat height 17"
    front seat height 20"
    85 degree front end
    14" backrest height
    3 x 1.5 softroll casters
    25" wheels
    scissor locks
    10" front end
    3.5" rear axle position
    carbon side guards and aluminum footrest (I added skateboard grip tape)

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    Well, I'll begin by saying I really like the chair. It looks really nice. I was using a 16 x 18 quickie Ti and it just did not fit me well like this one. I can get through many more places. I have not weighed the chair, but my wife claims it's easier to put in the back of her suv. I like the little things like shiny metal caster housing caps and rear frame caps.

    The backrest does not lock, which isn't too much of a problem for me except when getting pushed up VERY steep hills. The backrest angle is adjustable by removing or adding washers to the bottom of the posts (see pic). This is cool because since the rear axle cannot be moved, you can adjust the "tippiness" of the chair with this angle.

    Here is the only complaint that I have. Since the chair is somewhat "hand built" it lacks some of the precision of a Quickie or Ti-Lite. Example: the left front caster occasionally leaves the ground very slightly so it means something is not exact, either the casters or the rear wheels or something. It is not enough to notice, but enough to "notice" if that makes sense.

    The marathon tires are heavier, which I've mentioned before. I actually requested primos, but it came with schwalbes so miscommunication somewhere. Though the black on black looks nice.

    The uni-tine caster forks look cool, but seem harder to adjust for bearing tightness, etc.

    I've only used titanium in the past and this painted frame is prone to scratches. I have to be really careful when going through doors and stuff. I already have a few scratches (esp. around the caster housings) in just two months.

    The 1.3" Magnesium seems much stiffer than my 1" frame Quickie Ti. It still rides smoothly, but there is very little frame flex. To me this should enhance efficiency. Your push motion is not lost to frame flex. I cannot compare it exactly to my Quickie because the rear seat height is different. My Quickie was 16" which is probably more efficient, but I wanted to be taller, so I added an inch. It is still pretty easy to push around as a C6 quad with limited triceps.

    I really like the chair, but as some have said it may not be worth the extra price. I justified it to myself this way: It may not be twice as good as other chairs half the price, but I use it all day, every day, so it is worth the investment.
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    I like it, when stuff is real expensive sometimes expectations are hard to meet,anyways, roll on!

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    If you loosen the footrest and the camber tube clamps, you should be able to reshape the frame to correct a floating caster. See the TiLite rigid owner's manual for specifics.

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    Very very nice...grats! Love the clean look especially the carbon side guards.
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    sweet chair. i cant see how its worth the cash. for the money they should be able to come up w/ better back angle adj. rep
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    Congrats on your cool new chair! Do you know how much it weighs as pictured?

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    Mg doesn't bend very well. Be very careful if you try to fix the castor.

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    14" width!?!

    What is the widest part of your hips or thighs measure to allow you to squeeze into that?
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