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Thread: this just keeps getting better

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    this just keeps getting better

    I changed Sally's colostemy bag yesterday about 3 the hospital released her we came home she ate and went to bed about 2 this morning she had a bowel movement but not in the bag called the ostomey nurse but have gotten no response. help

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    Do you mean the bag came off, or that it came from her anus? Did she have a colostomy with the colon and rectum left in place or did she have her remain colon removed (colectomy)??


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    got things figured out, I guess, no she didn't have a colectomy, and yes she was leaking out the rectum, no the bag didn't come off, just the bowels waking up and getting rid of the leftover. KLD, do the health care professonals just not want to take the responsibility of telling me what to expect or am I expecting to much. I appreciate your help. Spike

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    If they did not remove her rectum, she will continue to produce mucous from the anus. Some physicians recommend (as do we) that an enema (small Fleets) be used about once a month or so, as other wise the mucous can leak enough to burn the skin, or dry out and form a mucous "stone" inside the rectum or sigmoid that can cause problems down the road.

    Have you discussed this with her enterostomal therapy nurse (CWOCN)? They are the ones who usually do the teaching. Nurses teach. Physicians rarely do.


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    I leaked for 2 or3 months then it dryed up.

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    no one has said anything about that, i will ask the ostemy nurse about it. thanks. Spike

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    Spike and Sally

    Thank God for Care Cure, huh? They always give the right answers and also tell you the right questions to ask. What a God send this site is when you are going through the tough times.

    I wish Sally a speedy recovery.

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    your right there, the people here have been great thanks to all. spike

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