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Thread: Urine Accidents on Carpeting

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    Krajaxa, thanks for finding this old link for me. I'm moving it up because I still don't know what Simple Solution is. Is this a product one can buy and if so, where? Also, is the OdBan a pet store product or what?

    Thanks. And yes, my house already smells like the back alley where the bums piss. I'm moving to the car.

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    Simple Solutions is a liquid product sold in pet stores. It is available at Petsmart (is there one in your town?) Odoban is sold at Sam's. It is also in liquid form. I prefer it to Simple Solutions, but the best product by far and least expensive is EMRO 150 The Odor Eliminator available at or #513-474-4471. One gallon is sold for $18 plus shipping. These all work effectively on people and pet urine.

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    Thanks for the tip on the Emro 150. I visited their website and will be ordering a few gallons tomorrow. It certainly is cheap enough which is always a nice surprise.

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    Urine smell


    Vinegar will work to a degree. There's no point using standard products as they need to be acid based to dissolve the salts that are formed.

    Mix 50/50 distilled white vinegar with tap water in a bowl and apply with a cloth and mop up with paper towels. Don't get the carpet too wet.

    You can also spray on a bicarb mixture if there's still a smell.

    Ideally get some one in as they will extract it with the proper equipment.

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    Hey thanks for reserecting this old thread Mike .... good old vinegar and water .... its got multiple uses and really does a good job of refreshing bad smells ... it shines things up pretty good too !

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    I use undiluted white vinegar.
    If there is a lot of fluid, I put a towel on top then put heavy weights like telephone books to press on it and it draws it out.

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    I always keep Natures Miracle on hand, buought from Pet Suppies Plus, as Ihave had valves on urine bags accidently open and leak, and I produce alot of urine. I alway keep it on hand as a precaustion and buy it on sale as it can be expensive. Pet Supplies Plus will frequently have good sales on it. Just swing by every so often and check their sales if you are in the Pet Suppies Plus area, to make it your worthwhile.

    When you use it it requires that you pour it on the urine spill, and I do mean pour, not sprinkle, and let it sit for a few minutes so it mdoifies the chemicals that are in urine and neutralize the smell. Its like you are "dumping it out of the bottle". Make sure you cover the entire spill.

    Then when I do a regular cleaning of the carpet, with the steam cleaner, I not only put in the detergent that is supplied with the cleaner and the water but add a capful (cap of the resuvior of the cleaner)of Natures Miricle too. Then I use the regular cleaning method of the machine.

    This system really works, and I was really surpised myself as this Natures Miracle was suggested by a former PCA. It works.

    Hope all goes well and you get the "pibble problem" streightened out. I know how frustrating it is..... especally when I started buying the Natures Miricle for ME, not Winkie, my dog! LOL Good luck!
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    Here is another resourse that may help. This is a direct quote from another board I visit (unrelated to SCI)

    We've had issues with one of our cats using our upholstered furniture as her litter box. SCOE 10X (Super Concentrated Odor Eliminator) was recommended to me by a professional who's done a lot of work with problem animals, and I've found it works a lot better for me than Nature's Miracle or anything the vet recommended. SCOE is available only from the manufacturer, in order to keep the product guaranteed fresh. The URL is It's a little pricey, but if you follow their directions to the letter, it DOES WORK and does so VERY WELL (and so you'll use less of it and therefore it's cost-effective.) I've used it on upholstered furniture, finished wood table tops, and fabrics, all with excellent results.

    One of the problems with animal eliminations is that their noses are so much more sensitive than ours. Just washing with soap may take the odour away as far as a human can tell, but it doesn't do the job as far as a cat or dog is concerned, and they'll just keep going back to the same (animal-smellable) spot over and over. An enzymatic cleaner is a must in this case.

    According to the bottle, they guarantee that SCOE10X can eliminate the orders of human and animal urine, feces, and vomit, human perspiration, rotting meat and garbage, cigarette and fire smoke odours, skunk spray, and gasoline and fuel oil odour. It's environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe to use directly on skin and pets.

    For the record, I don't have any connection to the company - I'm just an extremely satisfied user.
    In response to a cat using fabric in lieu of the letter box. If it gets rid of cat pee smell it should do wonders for humans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bthesing View Post
    Am having a problem with outside cath. Using Mentor Freedom Cath and some kind of spray adhestive and the darn thing still comes off when transfering. Now I have urine stains on the rug and living room smells bad. How can I get the odor out of the rug, without callin in a professional? Any idea's? Contact me at I have tried different sizes to no avail. Tried taping it to leg.
    I know when my cats have urine accidents on the rug if they are sick, I have used two products that help with the urine odor: Kids N' Pets liquid and Nature's Miracle liquid. The Kids 'N Pets can be bought at most grocery stores or at WalMart, and the Nature's Miracle can be bought at a pet store, feed store or online pet store. The Natures Miracle is my favorite because it works very well and 1 bottle lasts quite a while.

    Both have some sorta urine neutralizer in them that completely gets rid of the odor source, so it doesn't reappar later on.
    Another product that is good for small accidents is Fresh Again incontinence odor spray. I found that this only works on small areas, and the other two items are cheaper, because they can be diluted if needed.

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