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Thread: Urine Accidents on Carpeting

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    Urine Accidents on Carpeting

    Am having a problem with outside cath. Using Mentor Freedom Cath and some kind of spray adhestive and the darn thing still comes off when transfering. Now I have urine stains on the rug and living room smells bad. How can I get the odor out of the rug, without callin in a professional? Any idea's? Contact me at I have tried different sizes to no avail. Tried taping it to leg.

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    Don't know about the cath solution, but

    I'd use "Nature's Miracle" from the pet store to take care of smells. If it takes out the smell of cat pee (and it really does!) it ought to work on the human kind . . .

    How's the rest of it going?

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    Kate, my thoughts exactly!

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    Yes accidents do happen. We use "Carpet Pro" and we get the pet odor
    kind. Seems to work pretty good, although I may try "Nature's Miracle" cuz if it takes out cat pee diffently works!!!!!

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    Sound advice

    We also recommend the use of pet urine removal products.

    I would also strongly recommend that you call the Long Beach VA SCI Clinic and tell them about this problem. Ask them to set you up ASAP for an appointment with the appropriate advanced practice nurse who can help you get some resolution to this problem. The VA can special order you any brand of external catheter with a justification from your provider. Insist on trying some other brands (I would recommend Rochester Wide Band) and then get a special order. The VA nurse may have some resources to get you some samples to try. There are also ways of taping or using a leg strap to secure the catheter tubing to prevent it from being pulled during transfers. If he is not wearing underwear, often it works to wear underwear and tape the external to the leg of the underwear.


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    My vet has always suggested white vinegar. It doesn't stain and it removes the odors well enough that problem pets don't find their way back to favorite places. Should work with humans too. Oh, and a bowl of vinegar left out overnight helps with odors too (especially if someone smokes cigars!).

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    We got here someting

    called oxyclean-Cleans everything

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    I have a Bissell steam cleaning machine I got on sale. I use it after a problem or just every other month preventatively. Life in a wheelchair brings in more dirt even w/o problems and a regular vacuum doesn't deep clean and deodorize. Also have only low pile carpet.

    A well worth it investment before the house smells like a kennel or a back alley where bums piss.

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    Urine accidents

    Like many of you I apply the pet solution.

    1. Soak up as much as possible immediately with paper towels or rag towels
    2. Spray with Resolve Carpet Cleaner and follow directions.
    3. Spray with a vinegar solution and Simple Solution and allow to dry.
    4. Spray with OdBan and allow to dry

    The Simple Solution will break down any enzymes and get the oder stopped.
    the OdBan will mask any oder as well.

    As far as I'm concerned the OdBan is a life saver, we used it for years in the aviation industry for those oh so famous airplane clean ups.

    This method works great - it handled the clean up after hubby snagged his full legbag on the edge of his desk and dumped the whole thing.

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    What is Simple Solution?


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