Hi everyone,

Now I’ve never posted in the Care Forum but I have been a reader/member for several years. I’m writing because myself and other disabled Pennsylvanians need your help. I was contacted today by the agency I use for home health aides. They told me that the Dept of Labor is discussing on eliminating ALL the state agencies to form one State run agency. By doing this, it would cut back on the rights that the individual has in his/her own care. Also another proposition in this new State agency would be to no longer allow employment of family member as a caretaker/aide. It falls under the title of PA Quality Home Care Commission.

If you could, I’m begging could you take a minute and email Governor Rendell and several of the State Representatives. I’m even posting their emails so no one needs to look them up. I’d greatly appreciate any of your effort you spare for a few minutes. I’ll even put a short note that you can just copy and paste. Thanks…Jay

Dear Mr. Governor/State Representative,

I am writing about a concern I have with the PA Quality Home Care Commission. This newly proposed idea will greatly hamper and put the quality care of the state’s residents in jeopardy. By creating one large State agency, it would take away the rights that allow them the choices of whom to hire, how to manage his/her care along with other issues. Also by eliminating family members as possible caregivers/aides, it removes the most responsible and caring people that residents can use and rely upon while trying to live with a disability. Please take the time to consider how another large, state agency can have adverse effects on those who rely upon the care that is already being provided by the State. Thank you…….

governor@state.pa.us, geverett@pahousegop.com, scappell@pahousegop.com, rfairchi@pahousegop.com