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Thread: need somemore info

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    need somemore info

    Ok, so Sally is dealing with the colostmey but for the past week when she sits up her superpubic is leaking around the tube, she's getting released today and it's still leaking. I ask the surgeon he doesn't know, her urologist won't see her without a request from her surgeon i'm beginning to think I need to through someone through a wall to get an answer, any input would be great. spike

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    Did they stop her anticholenergic medications when she was in the hospital? Was the catheter changed? Have you tried irrigating it to see if it is plugged?


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    they stopped all her meds until friday so she wasin alot of pain. yes i irrigated it, and then i changed it, i don't think she's ever been on anticholenergic meds

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    Leakage may be due to an oncoming UTI or she may need to start an anticholenergic. We recommend them for most people who use an indwelling catheter and have a SCI.


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    the docs won't give her any more meds until her

    until she heals, so she has an appt. with the urologist next month. thanks for all the help and info.


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