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Thread: Dealing with John Q Public

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    Basia, please print this one for your friend.

    Originally posted by russell:

    There is a wealth of information in these forums. Print out some of the cure research articles from the CURE forum for your friend. Remember, just becasue a docs tells you your friend will never walk, it does not make it true!

    Russ Byrd
    A really good therapy is the swimming pool. Take him to the pool as often as possible.

    "And so it begins."

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    Thank you

    Thank you everyone for your replies. His wife and family (and we've been following her lead) keep saying Never say Never! He is a strong willed man and I beleive if there is a way he will find it!

    Thanks for the advice on how to help. It is truly amazing to me how many kind and generous people are in this world. It just sucks that it takes something like this to pull them together.

    I will certainly direct the family to this site - you are a warm and welcoming group of people.

    Thanks once more!

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