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Thread: Cathing Troubles...

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    Cathing Troubles...

    I've been having troubles with cathing lately. The catheter goes in and hits some resistence, some times it makes it into the bladder, sometimes it won't go any farther. Sometimes when it does go into the bladder, the urine flows so slow, no matter how full my bladder is. It used to shoot out of the catheter with a pretty good force. When it doesn't make it into the bladder, it has a puss looking substance in the end of the catheter, not UTI though.
    My background: I have had problems with scar tissue at the sphincter (sp) and I use Mentor 16fr catheter (hard plastic). Any one have this problem or any thoughts?
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    I used to have the same problem with the mentor caths. I'm nopw using 14fr Speedicath made by Coloplast. What a huge difference! It's really slippery, so it works best to use a wet wipe or wet wash cloth to insert it. Granted it cost about 3 times as much as a mentor, but it is well worth it.

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    Some of mine do that, I think that they don't get enough of the lube on the beginning part of the line. I retract the line then squish it into the lube if that happens.

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    i scoot forward in the chair and take somethung called terazosin
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    Hey WheelieMike, have you tried a smaller diameter catheter? I went from a 14fr to 12fr and have had much less bleeding, and fewer UTI's not to mention slightly easier time getting past the sphincters.

    I usually don't have much trouble getting past the external urethral sphincter but some days getting past the urethral sphincter is tough for me. As a matter of fact I had my first unsuccessful cath attempt this past weekend. I waited a couple hours and tried again without problem. I haven't tried any hydrophillic catheters because of expense but maybe it's an option for you?

    Hope things have gotten better for you in the past month. Let us know if you found something that helps.
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    Sounds like you might have a stricture Mike. I've had a few, and had similar problems.

    I had a bad one right at the bladder neck (sphincter) that a Uro had to go in and excise. It's a risky procedure that close to your bladder sphincter, so I'd get scoped to see if you have a problem.

    Or you might have a "tunnel" or whatever it's referred to, a false passage that doesn't lead to your bladder, but which the catheter might on occasion travel up while inserting.

    Good luck.
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    rdf's suggestions are good ones. I would suggest that you try a smaller catheter and make sure that you lubricate it well. You might want to try some of the hydrophillic catheters - they might work. My last suggestion is to see your urologist. That is the only way to know what is going on.


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