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Thread: 19yr old son c5/c6 burst fracture

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    burst fracture

    I hope everything is going well with CJ.
    God Bless you and your family
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    hello i m frm india and i had also an accident same as charlie's.
    my neckbone c5 was totally burst and i belong to a rural area so not much suffiscient medical treatmnt is there but god is wid me and my family.i m admitted hospital my bone grafting is done by my doc and operation is 8 hour long after that its not accurately tell by doc that my chance to walk again,
    but some cure is done by phsical therepy and some by homeopathy medicine.
    this post is for cj mom that if she want to improve cj she must be treated him for homeopathy medicine.
    today i m able to walk but not run and able to write and i m totally independent.
    a can live alone at home and i can go to frnds marrige
    i not perfectly right but it is sufficient so
    you can consult to me for further medicall information and i believe that with that maedicine of only 60 rs. cj can be alright
    i m from india in mp so my english is not perfect so if u understand my feelings pls believe me......
    thanks and get well soon cj.......

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    What types of homeopathic medicine did you take?

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