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    My friend from china is looking for a job as a caregiver. SHe came to US as a tourist visa, is it posible for her to find a job and someone could sponsor her to work as a caregiver? please help.. thanks!

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    Not very likely. First of all, she would need to go back to China first, then apply for a work visa. Since being a PCA is not considered a skilled job that has a shortage in the USA, it is unlikely that even with a sponsor she would be given a work visa.

    Keep in mind that the sponsor must also assume financial responsibility for the person, including assuring that they have health care paid for (either providing insurance or private paying) and that PCA jobs do not provide any benefits, the sponsor would have a significant potential financial burden as the person they sponsor would not be allowed to apply for Medicaid, workers comp, or other common programs that would take care of either on-the-job or other health costs.


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