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Thread: seeking others w/ CENTRAL CORD SYNDROME

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    I'm terribly lazy when it comes to checking in. Things are good on my end. I've made it back into mid level heeled shoes in the past year (feb 2016) I'm a bit over 5 years out. Still can't work well in crowds. I did go back to full time employment in an office setting in Feb 2015. I started doing temp work, then moved into the role of staffing consultant just over a year ago. It's been a bumpy ride, but I've learned I'm stronger than I thought.
    CCS/Walker's a long story

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    Hi all again, I forgot all about this cc thread, I'm just over the 6 year mark also now. things have been steady for me as far as maneuverability goes I guess. Some balance improvement I sneezed the other day walking and didn't fall over or lose my balance that's a plus ��

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    I sneezed the other day (near Halloween) and gave myself whiplash again with my wonky neck! But....I am wearing low heels again and working. So far so good.

    Advancement has been slow and no new neuro symptoms are present so that was good news for me.

    For those who don't know, my issues are complex a couple of undisclosed traumas led to spinal stenosis and that's the gift that keeps on giving.
    CCS/Walker's a long story

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    Hi, I have CCS and have had since a fall in May of 2014. I like this forum and all the information. So many of you have the same issues I have. I have found that 75% of CCS is mental. Even after 3 years I still have a tough time coping with CCS and all the change it has brought to my life. Question: can there be any improvement after 3 years? Any good stories are welcome.

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    Ggerry, I have the same problem with the cold; I stiffen up and don't go out much because of that...I was wondering if anyone else gets that too. ;-(

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    Jedd definitely like I was at a funeral a while ago standing at grave by time I was walking back to the car it was like a stiff rod inserted into my spine just seized

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    Hey jedd, I'm new on here, but I suffered my injury over 4 1/2 years ago. I can tell you that my pain did improve after 3 years. At 2 years, I was told by doctors that most healing should have already taken place and that I was probably stuck with the level of pain I was experiencing then, which was still excruciating. At first, I questioned whether I wanted to live with that kind of pain for the rest of my life. Then, I started to ask myself why my spinal cord wouldn't continue to heal. Other parts of the body continue to heal for years. I continued to have a lot of pain, but at about 3 1/2 years it started to improve dramatically. I still have flare-ups for a few days at a time, but my baseline pain is now negligible. I continue to have a myriad of other problems, but less pain is huge for me.

    I also have a similar problem with cold weather. I wasn't really a winter person before, but now I hate winter. I also get really stiff, causing problems with walking, and I also shake really badly when I'm cold, now. Once I get moving and warmed up, it gets better. I also seem to have more nerve pain when it's cold. The cold issues don't seem to be getting better with time.
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    I'm new to this forum, and I wish I had found it sooner. There doesn't seem to be much activity on here, these days. In reading through the feed, I see that fatigue is a common issue. Fatigue is a big issue for me. I am so tired most of the time that I have trouble staying motivated. That said, I can and do push myself physically, often forcing myself to exercise when I really just want to lie down. However, I am struggling mentally (having a lot of difficulty focusing, organizing thoughts, and problem solving - executive function) and I'm not sure whether it's just a symptom of my fatigue, depression/anxiety, or actual cognitive impairment. I started to feel like there was a real problem, and in doing research, I recently read some studies that linked cognitive impairment with spinal cord injuries. Anyway, it's really affecting my ability to do my job. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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    Did you also sustain a TBI during your accident? 60% of those with a traumatic SCI also have a traumatic brain injury, but it is often poorly diagnosed, so not treated. Some of the meds you may be taking can also make cognitive problems worse. What are you taking right now for neuropathic pain, spasticity, or urinary management?


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    Hi SCI-Nurse. I was wearing a helmet, and the doctors said I didn't even have a concussion. I've been considering having that re-assessed, though. I got off all meds. Nothing really seemed to help with my pain, anyway. I've just recently started taking a low dose of gabapentin again at bedtime to deal with some painful nerve tone issues that were waking me up multiple times each night.

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