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Thread: Dealing with major heat

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    Dealing with major heat

    Spent today at an airshow. Thanks to the misty mate, close in parking and a cooler full of water, hubby and I both had a great time. Even managed to make it on the tarmac in 95 degree sun and still had a relatively cool quad. He finally had to look for some shade about 2:00 but found a shady spot with a breeze and I poured water on his shirt and after a few minutes he was fine and enjoyed the rest of the show. However I'm red like a lobster just out of the pot even with repeated applications of 50 sunscreen. Oh well......Have some great pictures of the Blue Angels

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    Heat and SCI

    Check out this thread on heat issues at New Mobility:;f=7;t=000279

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    Check out the Mike Utley Foundation website...his newsletter refers to a vest that is engineered for outdoor athletes to keep cool. It looks like it is a new product. I'm definitely going to check it out.

    Living in AZ keeping cool is key....AND get a cell phone for emergencies...especially if you're traveling alone.

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    Besides misty mate my wife and I discovered another way to keep cool in the summer.

    We buy cheap washcloth type towels, soak them in water, roll them up and put them in the freezer. Once frozen remove them and use it as a frozen towel wipe on your neck, forehead, face. As the towel thaws you keep cool for at least an hour.

    They're awesome.

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    Wet clothing a wonder for heat

    I have been dipping my shirt in the lake to stay cool while fishing for years. I go to MN every summer for vacation/respite and learned this cooling technique right away. This year, we were there over the 4th of July. Temperatures soared into the mid 90s with 65 to 75 percent humidity and while my family sat around suffering I stayed comfortable by sitting in front of a fan while damp. The trick is the moving air over a damp surface!

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    Misty Mate

    Can anyone tell me how they work and where to find information on it? I could definately use one.

    Chris, the wash cloth idea works great. We used it when our kids were teething!

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    Joining these two posts

    This will help keep this information together:

    Another Heat thread


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    We bought our misty mate at Costco. It looks like a small thermos with a nylon cover and a hose (1-2ft long) with a small sprayer. It's very much like a portable sprayer for household plants. They're also available in Wal-Mart, Target and sports stores. Also at

    Another cooling idea is a Camelbak with ice. Very

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveshank View Post
    Recently read some of these posts and thought i would add some more helpful information. Living here in Texas during the summer, our pets sometimes like to sit on the front porch and watch the neighborhood dogs go by. We recently purchased a unique patio misting system from an online website

    There are many cheaper options for residential applications such as patio's and porches but also commercial mist cooling systems for dog runs and outdoor play at kennels and boarding facilities..... Our little pup is so happy once we turn on the mist....

    Happy Dog Lover!
    Although this seems like blatant advertising from a non-SCI, I will respond. Although our hottest weather is over here in South Carolina, I will keep it in mind for next summer. It might come in handy on our deck when I am out grilling in 100 degree heat. Quadriplegics probably have more problems with the heat than dogs. You might increase your sales if you marketed it to us quads. If insurances and Medicare will cover it, the company can make a bundle!
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