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Thread: iPod or iTouch?

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    The iPod Touch can get pretty pricey when you start to consider the 32 GB model. If you decide on the 16 GB iPod Touch you will have to be more selective with what music or movies you want to put on it. The iPod Touch is like a small computer that allows you to surf the Internet using the Safari browser. There are also some very good third party applications. I have heard that the iPod Touch may have audio problems when you put them in external docking stations that have speakers.

    The 80 GB iPod will allow you to put your entire music library on it, and then some.
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    Costco sells the itouch and ipods for less than retail btw

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    I'm a quad with no hand movement, and I love my HTC mogul. I use the speakerphone and text messaging all of the time, and I bought an 8 gig chip for it that was $35 off of Amazon. I have Sbp Mobile DVD and have 7 movies on it now with room for much more. I use ActiveSync to sync my Outlook Contacts, email, and calendar, and then WMP11 for my tunes.

    It has WiFi and I use Bluetooth profiles when I'm at my computer.

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    the only drawback of the iphone for me is that it doesn't
    have a place for a lanyard and i drop my phone a lot.... i got the instinct from sprint and it works great w/the quad fingers

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    ITouch compatibility with Palm

    Does anyone know if the palm data such as contacts and calendar can be downloadable to the Itouch?

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