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Thread: Becoming a Nurses Assistant??

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    Becoming a Nurses Assistant??

    Hi---i'm not sure this is the correct forum, and i posted this on the "care" forum too, but here goes....

    i'm looking for info for my sister, who has recently started working at a nursing home for nuns. The nurses there told her she could take an exam to become certified w/o taking any courses, because of her hands-on experience. They told her to call the local board of education to find out where/when to take the exam. The board of ed. told her no, she could not take the exam w/o taking the 120hr. course, even tho she had hands-on experience. She told the nurses at the nursing home this, and they said she could fight what the board of ed. said.

    Just out of curiosity, she looked online to see if there were any online schools where she could take a course from home. She has 4 kids and it would be so much easier for her to do this, but she couldn't find anything, and was even confused as to what to specifically look for. (what is the difference btwn a pca, a nurses aide and a nurses assistant?)

    Just because nothing is ever easy (lol) i'm sure things vary from state to state....We're in NY....I told my sister i'd see if i could find out any info for her.
    Can anyone help?

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