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Thread: Weight management

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    Weight management

    How does a T6 complete manage her weight? She's in rehab now, exercising regularly - stands on parallel bars, about to start walking, does weights, push-ups, pull-ups, partially independent on wheelchair. She's worried there's excess fat in the usual places - belly, thighs, hips. What can be done additonally to reduce excess fat?

    Also, are there gals here who can do intermittent cath on a wheel-chair? How do you handle the situation where urine spills over on to the chair cushion. A Roho cushion may be a too expensive option for our part of the world.

    Thanks a bunch for your help


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    I have a t-4 sci and cath from my chair.. I dont spill any urine on my seat cushion... When I see no more urine coming out I just pinch my cath in half and the urine that is still in there stays till I unpinch it into my urinal...

    I think that you will just have to watch how many calories you eat per day.. I se alot of people on sci sites that try to stay at around 1000 cal. a day.. I am not eating at fast food places anymore unless it is like subway and trying to exersize more... Seems that after my back surgery 3 yrs ago I have gained atleast 10 pounds and am having a hard time loosing it..

    Good luck


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    Does she have access to a good clinical dietitian in the rehab center where she is currently? This professional should be able to help her estimate her daily calorie demands with her current level of activity, and plan a diet that fits into that. The secret to weight control is simple (although not simple to achieve): you must burn as many calories as you eat daily. Weight gain will occur when calories in exceed calories expended. Generally an ideal body weight of about 10% less than the recommended weight for an AB person of the same height and build is recommended for someone with a paraplegic injury.

    Many women attach a plastic leg bag to the end of their catheter when cathing in their chair. This allows them to drain into the bag, then empty it at the toilet (or even outdoors on the dirt) after doing their cath, and not have to worry about spillage. Cleaning the bag daily with a 10% bleach solution is a good idea to maintain cleanliness. You can keep it in a plastic bag in a wheelchair backpack between caths. Be sure to rinse it with clean water after each use, and use only water that you would drink (not sure how your tap water is there).

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    weight management for sci

    I've been in a chair for 26 years, and have experienced weight gain, and weight loss. I lost nearly 60 lbs in the mid 1980's with weight watchers, and have been able to some extent maintain. Of course it's a constant effort. I have exercise video tapes, some specificaly for wheelchair users, and some for able bodied. I try to use them at least 3 times a week. I will do an aerobic workout and a free weight work out. Also, I went through an RGO program in New orleans about 10 years ago, and have been fitted with thigh cuffs that provide me with electric stimulation. I try to do this for an additional 20 minutes 3 times a week. My level is T - 4. Currentyly I am using Sugar Busters and the Atkins diet, because as I've aged, I am having more digestive problems. Weight watchers requires more fruit and vegetable thatn I can tolerate. Hope this is helpful

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    Hi, Iyarrej,

    I'm moving your question and topic over to the 'Care' forum, where you may get more responses. Even tho you're a caregiver, it's helpful to post specific questions regarding 'care' and health issues in the 'care' forum. I'll leave this post here, so you and the others have responded can see it's been moved.

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