I have weak intrinsic muscles in my hands which limit how hard I can grip a standard handrim. I would be able to push more-efficiently with a plastic coated rim. Problem is, I don't want to wear push gloves and the prospect of burning the flesh off of my hands during downhill braking isn't all that appealing either. Some CC members may recall several experiments I did about a year ago in my quest to find some way to modify a handrim to provide both a high friction surface for pushing and a low friction smooth surface for braking.


I eventually, discovered that using just the oval component of a NaturalFit worked fairly well for me. But on some days, especially when my skin is dry, I lose efficiency due to slippage. Several days ago while rolling with a full head of steam, my hands slipped enough during a mini-wheelie to clear an expansion strip so that my casters landed in the expansion strip. Fortunately, my FrogLegs soft roll casters and titanium frame absorbed enough of the impact to limit me to a partial endo and kept me in the chair.

When browsing through my local Lowes Home Improvement store this afternoon, I came across this product in the electrical section. It is a 3/4"wx5 yard roll of 3M Scotch 2242 Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape.

While it looks like electrical tape, it is actually rubber and not vinyl It cost under $5 a roll so I figured it was worth a try.

When I got home I was amazed how much it feels like the plastic coating used on handrims. I applied it around the outer circumference of my NaturalFit along the inside portion. It applied smoothly and conformed nicely to the surface of the handrim. It looks like it should stay Since my NaturalFit's are black, the tape is hardly noticeable. When I grasp the handrim, however, I can definitively feel a difference.

While I am psyched that it made such a difference in my pushrim efficiency for <$10, it was also frustrating when I thought about the considerable time & money thathave been saved had I known about this tape last year. It would have also prevented personal injury (caused when I punctured my hand with a pop rivet making a prototype).

I would recommend trying this tape on an anodized handrim for any quad with marginal grasp, those who push off the tire for more traction, or to anyone who liked the "Dual Grip" handrim (now discontinued).