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Thread: Kicked Bootay Waterskiing!

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    Kicked Bootay Waterskiing!

    Now, I was nervous, as I've run the gamut from fun to hellish out at the UKan Ski clinic in the past. The 1st year was great. 2nd year, though...I didn't know I had Graves disease, hair was falling out, I was wasting away. The water was mad choppy with big boats throwing big wakes. It was hottttt, and disorganized. I got left in the sun too long, overheated, and stuck on a racing ski when I was a beginner. It SUCKED. And the year after that, I was in New Mexico trying to get well but CLC broke his hip ack, and some other ppl got hurt too. Last year was flooded out, so I signed up this time with some trepidation.

    This year fell into place. Got paperwork in plenty of time. Sent it in, they called me, said to watch the mail for waiver etc. (Good thing, I'm bad about checking mail.) The paperwork said to bring water shoes, usually a problem, I can't get them on. Hadn't tried in a while, swoosh, my scuba booties went on smooth as silk! (Our fingers DO improve over the years, obvs.)

    It started at 8, which felt really early LOL. 80-ish outside, 99 forecast afternoon high. Got out there, didn't know a soul but the vibe was good, it wasn't an overcrowded disorganized clusterf***. The goodie bag had sunscreen, spf 30, and gray t shirts. (A relief-I have a new push-up swimsuit and didn't want to push OUT of it, y'know?) A donor even paid, so we got to ski for free!

    They measured me rather than eyeballing me. Used duct tape and pipe insulation to custom tailor the cage, so it would fit on the wide beginner's ski. Plenty of big men to pick me up, put me down, comment that they are glad I'm light. A lifejacket that fit. Scuba booties were the ideal foot protection.

    They sat me in my well-fitted ski and slid me down the bank. Into the water w/ a volunteer on each side and one in the back. Attractive, kind young volunteers that introduced themselves and gave me the rundown-handsignals, what to do if I decide to hold the ski rope etc.

    Boat starts, the guy behind me (the "dragger") holds me level and keeps the tip of the ski up. A little gas and Boop-I'm up! Within 3 minutes I'm down. That's the only freaky part. To avoid what happened to CLC, your feet need to be wedged in their sling pretty tight. That's fine until you go down, when your feet stay on the ski it tends to turn you face down. There is where the volunteers on jetskis come in. They swoop in and dive off, roll you over. I'm quite sure I could have done it myself but didn't need to. I've grown accustomed to floating face down waiting for assistance, that's how I got on the scuba boat out in the open ocean too. Lake water tastes better, and hurts less, than saltwater, I noticed that.

    Rinse, repeat, 2 more times. Then I got to rest and go back out! (A first. It's usually far too crowded.)

    This time was MAGIC. They had big speakers on the boat. When they started blasting the Zeppelin, I hit my sweet spot. Never tried to jump the wake but got real creative inside it LOL. Zigging, zagging, leaning, jumping. I skied 30 minutes that time, they were all impressed, which made me feel good.

    I was supposed to continue my years-long dominoes championship w/ CLC this afternoon, but had to bail. I was bushed. Naptime was a sweet treasure this afternoon!

    The local rehab has a new guy in charge of this kind of thing. He rocks completely. Is trying to organize it to do this 3 or 4 times every summer instead of once every year or 2. I'd raise funds for that. I'm getting old and I need more ski time before it's too late!

    Also...A new guy, clearly SCI, was sitting in the sun. I went over there, asked him if he needed a shot of my mister but he was fine. Turned out to be a narcotics officer, T4, injured in Nov. but got put in a nursing home post-rehab. (Mind you, a full 10 years younger than me!) Just had another surgery, dollars to donuts it was a flap but I don't know. Given all that he hasn't been home since Nov. I ate lunch w/ him, he seemed really bummed. Gave him my biz card w/ the url for CC on it. Told him about herco's problems staying on the police force, another guy told of a para officer he knew. The convo went from him, a para, telling chicken arms-quad fingered-me that he doesn't have the upper body strength to ski to him being fascinated by the notion that his career isn't over. His therapist actually thanked me, said it was just what he needed. Hopefully he'll surf in here soon. I told him he won't recognize himself in 2 years time. He was talking to CLC when I left. I did have a feeling we were good medicine.

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    Sounds like a really great time! Do you have pictures?

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    Congrats on the great water skiing Betheny!
    So nice of you to lift up the spirits of a that young man.
    I hope he visits CC.

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    Sounds like you had a great day!

    I look forward to welcoming the injured narc agent. From what you posted, he needs some uplifting from those of us who know how to live with SCI.

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    Bummed I missed it. Glad they got their shit together. Which rehab got a new guy in charge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    I told him he won't recognize himself in 2 years time. He was talking to CLC when I left. I did have a feeling we were good medicine.
    I love how you love life Beth and there is no doubt .... absofluckenlutely no doubt you were the best medicine for that newbie man/boy !! Congrats on an your amazing day !!

    ~ Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandi

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    You rock girl! Skiing and counseling a newbie all rolled into one. Glad you had fun.
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    That's awesome!

    I anxiously await our new-comer too. Hope he follows through. Good on you and CLC for giving him just what he needed! What force did he work for? Maybe Herco can make a connection through their Association.
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    Rock 'n roll B! Zep, eh? Way to ski girly.

    Glad it was such a great experience.

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    Awesome beth! What Zep song was it? I can imagine waterskiing to misty mountain hop.

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