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Thread: The new Quickie2 Lite...

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    The new Quickie2 Lite...

    The only Quickie2's I spec out are replacements for older Quickie2's for veteran's who do not want to consider anything else. The design has changed very little since the 80's. It looks like that is about to change, however, after I noticed this on the Sunrise Medical site this afternoon...

    The Quickie2 Lite

    How lite? 27.75 lbs complete for a 16x16 chair according to Sunrise. Not bad for a wheelchair that has footrest extension tube clamps that can withstand the weight of an average male polar bear (their claim, not mine).

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    Im not a fan of Quickie butt for a foldup thats does look nice

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    Hmm. I find the weight odd because I use the regular quickie 2 and it already feels lighter than 27lbs. (16x16 fully loaded)

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    I loved the Quickie 2 I had and learned about seat dump and center of gravity with that chair. (I also learned flat free tire inserts are a serious mistake with that chair). The new lite version reminds me of a short lived Quickie 3 with the single piece there in the frame for the seat dump/cog adjust ment. The old Q3 was not the greatest on adjustability with that piece.

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