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    Has anyone ever heard of using Topamax for SCI-related nerve pain? I know this drug is used to treat migraines but I've heard that it can be used for SCI-related pain as well.

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    I know that there are other threads on this topic but I just wanted to say that my brother started taking topamax for migraines and dies 6 days later with no warning.

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    Very sorry to hear that Cisco and Jenn. Thanks for responding.

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    I had some success with Topomax working on my pain. I was taking it for something else and the pain relief was a bonus (if that is the right word to use) side effect. Unfortunately I was already underweight at the time and the Topomax led to further and significant weight loss that I couldn't afford so I discontinued taking it. I have known a few other people who found it effective for their pain.

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    I've been taking it for over a year now and found it works pretty well for me.
    I can definitely see a difference when I'm not on it.
    Excellent for keeping Migraines under control too.

    The only glitch is, I take 300mg a day and at that amount the Rx runs around 400.00 and I'm at my gap paying 100%, so I can't afford it after like April.

    I can't wait till they come out w/ a generic.. (yea, right, like in 30 more years.. ...)
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