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    Would there be a place in Edmonton where I could go and get a pocket soad to my wheelchair in front where the coushion is placed? I don't like using backpacks to put my stuff in. And the seat cover I have to use has no pockets. I could alwas do it myself but I never soad before.

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    I'd have to say, any seamstress, tailor, etc.

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    Best not to put things in your cushion where you can sit on them, and sewing something to the cushion cover can cause seams, etc. that could cause skin problems. How about just getting an under seat pack like these?


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    I stumbled on this at Big Lots( $ 4.00) but you can probably find something similar. Don't have a picture, but it is like a fanny pack, or more like a tool belt, but for gardening. Has three pouch compartments and an adjustable nylon strap that I run from side to side frame right behind my knees. Does not really interfer with folding the chair and will hold phone, wallet, keyes etc. You could not even buy the material for that price.

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