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Thread: Lost on site

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    Lost on site

    Hi Friends,

    I know that I've read somewhere that there is a place on the site that one can enquire about specific Dr.s and facilities, but I am unable to find it. Can you direct me?

    Thanks ~Melston

    Oh, also, how do I update my own sig line? It could be I'm just having a bad brain day.

    Thanks again.

    M.Elston SCI Mom to 15YO incomplete L2-3

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    If you go to the CareCure homepage and then look for the forum entitled "Doctors and Clinics" that should you lead you where you want to go.

    Also, if you have a specific issue, doctor, or hospital you may also be able to find additional info by clicking on the blue (color) "search" icon and plugging in your request.

    If neither of these methods works then post a question, with a few more specifics, and I'm sure one of us can answer it.

    Good luck, either way.

    Onward and Upward!

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