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Thread: US dog lover clones pet five times

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    US dog lover clones pet five times

    August 5, 2008, 18:16
    US dog lover clones pet five times
    A scriptwriter in Hollywood has become the first person to order a commercial firm to clone a pet. Bernann McKinney paid a Korean company US $50,000 for five copies of Booger – her beloved pit bull terrier who died recently.

    The lab used ear tissue from the diseased dog to re-create Booger. The five puppies were born from two surrogate mothers in late June, according to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

    Подпись McKinney was deeply attached to Booger
    “This is a miracle,” said the happy owner, who paid about $US 50,000 for the procedure. The firm actually cut its initial $US 150,000 price tag to celebrate what it calls the first commercial deal for a pet dog.

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    I saw the documentary about a farmer who loved his dearly departed prize Brahma bull. The personality of the bull had been peaceful beyond belief. In fact, his owner had made a business out of displaying the animal and parading him about.

    He had the bull cloned and was eventually attacked savagely by the cloned bull three times before the clone was put down. The last attack involved tearing off the farmer's scrotum.

    Clearly more goes into life and love than genetic code.

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    clone me please.......................
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    Say it on tv. Thy were cute. $50,000 not worth it.

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    This is such a lack of judgement as far as I am concerned when so many wonderful pets are euthanized every year for lack of a home. I lost a cat that I loved dearly a few years ago. We had been companions for nearly twenty years, but I would never have him cloned. He was unique, and I paid honor too him by adopting another cat from an animal shelter. Fifty thousand dollars could do a lot of good if donated to an animal rescue site.

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    That woman is wacko !! I agree Eileen, about donating to shelter organizations. She said that God sent the dog to her (which I don't beleive but........) So she should have done the Christian thing and used that money to help the helpless, rather than thinking about herself !!

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    A clone is not going to be the same. Your pet has a soul, a memory, and companionship with you; the clone will not. I don't see the point. Would you clone your child and have him or her be completely different from the one you lost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Français
    A clone is not going to be the same. Your pet has a soul, a memory, and companionship with you; the clone will not. I don't see the point. Would you clone your child and have him or her be completely different from the one you lost?
    I agree Todd. Many people assume the personality is cloned. I would love to have had another Reggie. But I doubt this company would have let me babysit her Mom the last 3 days of pregnancy or help raise the litter from day 2. The new Reggie wouldn't remember the perfect year we had before my injury either.

    The money would have been better going to a shelter or an AKC research unit on pit related health problems.
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    Apparently this woman has some skeletons in the closet too:

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    Thank you for this skeleton... LOL, she was Ms. Wyoming, abducted a Mormon missionary and had repeated sex with him in a honeymoon cottage, while he was held in mink-lined handcuffs. In her defense, she said, ''I didn't rape no 300-pound man,'' she said. ''He was built like a Green Bay Packer.''

    If she could, I think that she would have cloned him, too.


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