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Thread: Newish trend for disabled toilet doors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelchairTITAN
    If there is no power the lock will disengage and the emergency lighting will come on.

    No Power = No Connection= Unlocked (must do this by law under any building code)
    Isn't it lovely to think so. I certainly will not depend upon emergency power. It has failed me to often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf
    Hi AnnaBanana. I'd be more afraid of losing power and being stuck inside the toilet, as opposed to the door opening while I'm in there.

    Good luck to you and the Aussies in swimming in Bejing. Me thinks we're gonna whoop your butt good Hope you're doing well in the new area you live in AnnaBanana
    Hey Bobby.....we have a pretty good swimming line up, so the challenge will be on! Be prepared to eat those words buddy.

    I am doing ok down here, its darn cold and I am struggling a bit with the freezing mornings and nights, hopefully its a matter of reaclimatising, thanks for asking though, its nice to be remembered.

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    Wow, thats different, Electric doors, never seen that here in the states. Like Betheny said, normally doors with broken locks and that dont stay closed. Sometimes lucky to find a stall with a wide enough door. Ya, I think that frosted glass idea is to try to keep politicians from having sexual liasions in the stalls . Sounds like you guys in Aussie are ahead of us here in the states. I find the best accessable bathrooms to be in Florida and California, I think they have more strict codes than most other states.
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