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Thread: How much to pay caregiver to travel?

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    How much to pay caregiver to travel?

    I'm goin to Vegas and was wondering how much to pay my caregiver thats goin with me?

    I paid for the room and shes getting paid $15 ph for the time she helps me like my BP in the mornings.

    Is that enough or should I pay for her gas too because shes driving with her husband and kid?


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    I think you should cover the transportation as well, assuming she wouldn;t have gone otherwise?
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    The usual is to pay for transportation, meals when the PCA is eating with you and helping you eat at the same time, and hotel, plus the time for your care, plus a little more considering that the person cannot have another job and is taking time from their life to be with you 24/7 (even if they are off doing something on their own part of that time).


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