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  • Wine - classy

    8 9.52%
  • Beer - cheaper but still cool

    20 23.81%
  • Cocktail - intriguing

    29 34.52%
  • Shots - quick yet effective

    11 13.10%
  • Coke for me, I'm driving - safe choice

    16 19.05%
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Thread: What's your poison?

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    I like beer just as much as the next guy, but I have found that wine plays nicely with my bladder.
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    Tequilla baby!

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    I like all the above beverages, I don't usually get hangovers from doing tequila shots so I like them most, I'd love to try jello shots but have no body to do them with me. My drink I drink the most is a Greyhound coz I can't get decent Mojito unless I make it myself.

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    Mine use to be Crown & Coke. Now I'll have a beer or two or a Smirnoff Ice..

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    Mine = Cranberry Juice + Vodka

    Jeremy = Crown + Coke
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    I'm a Guinness girl, in the average American bar. I like a Corona w/ lime in Mexico, or top-shelf tequila shot. Margaritas in Santa Fe. Sometimes I go crazy and want red bull and vodka. I can't wait for English bitter!

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    I like rum&coke or OJ& makes me pee fooooorreeeevvveeerrrr, shots I'm bad at because I feel like it's not hitting me so I keep taking them until WhAm! and I'm on the bathroom floor. I love foo-foo frozen drinks too!
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    1 beer a day keeps UTI away

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    Addition of a muffler

    Quote Originally Posted by SoulScream
    I like beer, wine, or shots! But I don't get drunk very often. Sometimes I drink and bake!

    Dude your oven came with a muffler, cool!
    Is your smoke detector a backup timer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen
    None of the above. Given my choice I would go for a Mocha Latte!
    Ditto on the latte. Since coffee wasn't a choice I went with cocktails. I rarely drink but when I do it's usually a really good margarita.
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