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Thread: My sister's jewelry.

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    My sister's jewelry.

    Check it out; it's real nice:

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    Her jewellery is really pretty. Do you know are all the fittings in stainless steel (the earrings interest me) - also would she ship to europe? Wish her good luck in any case.

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    The rings are stunning, v. unusual. Do they mash out of shape when you wear them? I like the earrings too, but the rings the best.

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    Love her jewelry. Gorgeous work. I wondered about the fittings for the earrings, too. Stainless?

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    Beautiful work!! Can I mak a recommendation about the site? The slideshow of items that plays on the left goes too fast for me. I know when I set slideshows up, I always set them too fast as well, because I am familiar with the slides. Someone who has never seen them before needs to be able to look ar them longer. (And then of course to ME they seem ssooooo sssllloooow.!)
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    I'll ask her and get back to you. I'm sure she'll appreciate the compliments

    sjean, i also think the slideshow is too fast. I think an extra second on each image would be better.

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    I love it. Although I don't wear jewelry, I do love gemstones.

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    She ships anywhere, however she does not know how much the shipping charges will be. They will not be more than 2$ though. The rings do not bend out of shape. The bands of the rings are adjustable. She will get back to me about the stainless steel earrings. She says thanks for the compliments and teh website suggestion. Feedback is appreciated

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    Hi Mimin,


    How dare you come into this SCI forum trying to selling your sister's whorish trinkets. The nerve. The utter contempt.

    Cup of coffee later.

    That's much better. Where was I? Oh yeah...

    Your sister is a very talented jewlery maker. I just love her creations, they're very original. And her website is very professional, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. I really enjoyed poking around there. I'll be sure to pass the link on to my family and friends.

    Best wishes for your sister's success.


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    Thanks Bob, I'll pass on the message and uhh, maybe we should get you some more coffee

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