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Thread: cardio without an arm bike?

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    cardio without an arm bike?

    does anyone know of a way of getting a cardio workout outside of the arm bike? I have limited range in my left arm, which makes the arm bike a little difficult.

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    not sure what your level of injury is but if you can at least float and flail around in the water, give swimming a shot.

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    i uswd push around mall or bb court at ymxa as hard as could. worked well
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    I'm c5/6 incomplete, sorry I didn't put that before

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    Swimming works great for me but I'm T8-9...not sure about how this would work with higher injuries.

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    I'm C6/7,inc. and get cardio on an elliptical trainer, stationary bike, swimming and pushing. Keep it up! Pat

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    I use a Nu-Step seated stepper for my cardio. Your hands are wrapped to the arm bars and you can dominate with your right arm and let your left just cruise along slowly building up. Also, you move your legs increasing blood flow and I attribute this for my legs still remaining close to their AB size almost 6 yrs. post. Good luck.

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    What about doing an exercise video made for wheelchair users, like Wheelercise, Sit and Be Fit, or Maria Serrao's Anyone Can Exercise?

    Most of these tapes can be bought on Ebay. I think the Sit and Be Fit ones are good in terms of easy upper body workouts. If you want something harder, Maria Serrao makes one called "cardio challenge".


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    Quote Originally Posted by patd
    I'm C6/7,inc. and get cardio on an elliptical trainer, stationary bike, swimming and pushing. Keep it up! Pat

    How do you transfer to these machines?
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