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Thread: would you drive from your manual chair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    I wouldn't mind a car as a second vehicle, but not as my primary. As a quad living in hot-n-humid South Florida, the transfer would leave me sweating from head-to-toe, covered in dirt from getting the chair in and out, and in a pissy mood as a consequence. The daily rain in summertime would also be a nightmare.
    I understand what you're saying Scorpion, the summers here are extremely hot, I'm not doing too bad in the winter cuz I can always crank the heater. I always seem to burn my hand touching the steering wheel when transfering and now I have to break the wc down in 105-110 temps, its not ideal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf View Post
    I have to break the wc down in 105-110 temps, its not ideal.
    Yeah, but it's a dry heat. Man, 105-110... ouch!

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    How much does an EZ lock weigh?
    I'm getting a Tilite ZRA with a Jetstream Pro back, Spinergies, etc so it seems silly for me to buy a super light chair then add a heavy device to it.

    I'm also getting ready to buy my minivan with a swivel seat to drive from. I hope I don't regret going this route. My other option is to put an EZ lock on my chair if that's even possible. But, at 35 lbs my current chair is already heavy enough to push. I don't want a car, don't like the uneven transfers and breaking down the w/c. Too much on these shoulders.
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    I have a custom bracket for my manual chair that weighs 6-8lbs.
    You probably won`t be able to drive from your wheelchair unless you have a drop floor van

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    Exclamation Here is some information on wheelchairs and driving from them

    I have had a lot of people ask me this same questions and there have been studies done about this- here cehck it out:

    It gives you some indepth information and they are now crash testing wheelchairs.

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    i feel more stable and secure driving in a seat compared to my wc. I have zero trunk and don't use arm rests on my chair so i'd be scared of leaning in a turn and falling over. Something behind my neck and head gives me peace of mind also. Once you get used to transferring into the seat it takes less time. I'm pretty quick now so it doesn't bother me to run errands and such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    Heh, yeah, great question, and notice no one replied, maybe because they'd reveal their hypocrisy?
    No. More likely because they decided (months ago, thanx for dredging up a dead topic) to act like grown-ups and drop the subject rather than continue a discussion that seemed likely to turn as ugly as most disagreements do in this forum. FTR, my manual chair is secured in my backseat with bungee cords. We are working on a specific system for the back of the '65 Mustang which has a rear seat delete.

    I transferred to the driver's seat in my first van but hated the process, especially in the Florida heat (getting all sweaty with each transfer, ugh), and hated my pants getting all twisted.
    Obviously it's tougher for a quad, but speaking as a para who lived in Miami for years, transfering in and out of the driver's seat was the least of my worries. A/C and wearing a belt alleviated most of the problems you allude to in your post.

    I was in one accident in 1999 (not my fault) at about 45mph and the EZ-Lock did its job. I only got a little bit of a sore shoulder from the seatbelt.
    Glad to hear you were so lucky.

    I would like to get a headrest built-in, but I don't lose sleep over it.
    "Sleep" isn't really what any of us are worried someone will lose.


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    Tiger - Mm-hmm, ok. Sure. And why not say that "FTR" before, at least when asked? Forgive me if I don't really buy that you "secure" your chair with bungee cords every time you drive, when driving alone particularly. If so, good for you, yet I still wonder why you neglected to say anything until li'l ol' Scorpion posted.

    Oh, and, yeah, you're right: obviously it's harder for a quad. So transferring is far from the least of my worries living in South Florida. The problems I "alluded" to? AC didn't cool quickly enough before I started transferring in a van that had been sitting in a blazing campus parking lot all day, and a belt keeps my pants on but never keeps them from twisting. I won't bore you with explaining why a quad with no hand function has a next-to-impossible time untwisting pants. I was posting about my experience in trying a way that does not work for me, not speculating.

    It seems by the posts since I bumped this "dead" thread that people still find merit in the discussion, even if you don't, despite your posting to perpetuate the discussion you say you're above. But so nice of you to regail us with your anecdotes. Your self-righteous posturing was wasted here, as was your time typing, Carol. Your feigned concern for people losing more than sleep is made hollow by your obvious need to more "right" than others.

    If you bother replying, you can have the last word.
    Last edited by Scorpion; 12-05-2008 at 09:16 AM. Reason: Misread a line in TR's post.

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    Nov - you function like a para pretty much, right? You'll do fine transferring into a van seat, I think, and you'll save time and frustration as compared to driving a car, not to mention staying out of crappy weather.

    My EZ Lock bracket doesn't add noticeable weight to my chair, but based on your posts, I don't think driving from your chair is necessary. I think you're going the route that's best for you. No worries.

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    Hi Tiger,

    I don't wanna get in the middle of this potential 'forum joust in the making' but since I found what you wrote interesting let me sneak in here for just a second.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger
    FTR, my manual chair is secured in my backseat with bungee cords. We are working on a specific system for the back of the '65 Mustang which has a rear seat delete.
    I know you're into car racing so it's understandable that safety would be more of a concern to you than to the average driver but do you really go through the hassle of securing your chair in the backseat of your car with bungee cords? I'm trying to picture in my mind how this would be done. It's difficult to twist and reach back that far (maybe it's my Harrington rods crackling) for something that's so unlikely to occur and if it should occur, just what the likelihood would be for an unsecured chair to cause any harm. Plus it's so very time consuming. Perhaps you could post a photo to show other safety conscious motorists how they can go about protecting themselves.

    Do you tie down or secure everything you put in the backseat of your car, that in the case of a collision or accident, could become a potential injury-causing projectile? It seems like such over-thinking to me. Perhaps I'm just reckless.

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