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Thread: Lump on bottom of both feet.

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    Lump on bottom of both feet.

    Hi, my daughter has red marks on both her feet on the arch and there is a lump under the redness, showed this to her doctor at her last appointment but he didn't seem to think it was and issue but did not tell me what it could be. Just curious if anyone might know what this could be.

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    Could be a pressure sore building. I get skin callouses and if I don't debride them they eventually turn into ulcers.

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    Hi, Trish
    Does your daughter put pressure on her feet at all?
    Is this doc SCI-savvy?
    I'd be real worried about pressure sores.
    If so, that could turn into a nightmare if not attended to right away.
    - Richard

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    Sometimes I notice when she is in bed her big toe on the opposite foot might be resting where the red spot is, I try to keep her feet apart so this doesn't happen but I am afraid that this might have caused it. Her doctor is not really SCI Savvy and I am not sure where or how to find a doctor near where we live that is. I asked the doctor if he thought it could be a pressure sure and he really didn't answer that question, a lot of times they make me feel that I am making a big deal out of every little thing that comes up but I am new to this and am learning as I go. She started getting a pressure sore on her heels a couple of months ago and I caught it right away and it healed quickly but if this is a start of a sore how should I handle it, and would there be a lump under the skin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trish81766
    my daughter has red marks on both her feet on the arch and there is a lump under the redness, showed this to her doctor at her last appointment but he didn't seem to think it was and issue but did not tell me what it could be.
    Did you ask what the doctor thought it was? What did he say? Did you not realize until you left the office that you didn't get a clear answer to your concern?

    If it were me, I wouldn't worry too much about a red spot alone, as long as it stops being red when all pressure is taken off if it for a bit of time. If I cross my legs for 10 minutes, I get a red spot on my knee that seems to last forever. However, the lump would bother me if it's there all the time.

    Who cares if your doctor thinks you're being paranoid? Your doctor works for YOU and your family, not the other way around. If you need to be pushy to get the answers you need, then do it. If you need to get rude in order to get answers, find another doctor, but don't be afraid of being assertive. Doctors are notorious for rushing people through their office visits. Don't put up with it.


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    Any reddened areas should be closely monitored for pressure. You are correct in trying tokeep her feet apart and this can be cone by putting a soft blanket between her feet or better yet, to get some foot protector or boots that can achieve the same thing. I will try to get some products and post sites but you can google also.

    If you fel some lumps under the skin, it could also be spurs which can occur on teh sole of the foot. These usually are not reddened unless irritated by pressure. They are usually painful when in a standing frame but would only be felt if your daughter has an incomplete injury. These are diagnosed through foot xray but surgery or correction may not be considered helpful if the person is not standing.
    Perhaps others will recommend footwear which has helped them.


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    I am going to take her back to the doctor and tell him that we need to figure out what this is and not let him brush me off. I appreciate all the feedback as I am new at caring for someone with a SCI. I did get a Rx for boots but I guess insurance doesn't cover so I will Google them and buy them today. She is considered a "complete injury" but the other day she did say her foot hurt in that area so idk I wil have to see what they find out at the doctors I will also ask if he knows of any doctors that specialize in SCI in our area and try to change doctors.

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    I found a couple of different foot protectors and I am not sure which ones to buy, so if anyone has a recommendation on a product that they use I would really appreciate it.

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    Review this post that has some suggestions.
    Multipodis boots are very good but if insurance isn't paying, they may be too expensive. It's also good to get something that is washable but durable as well.


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    Not to "boot in" but we are currently using the Prevalon boot from Sage and have been very happy with them. We don't like Multipodus or other hard boots as we have seen them tear up the opposite leg when the leg with the boot on spasms.

    They are not cheap, but they do wash up pretty well, and last a long time:

    Does she wear shoes when up in her wheelchair? If so, they may be causing pressure on the instep. Try a different shoe. If not, she may be getting pressure from the footplate. Shoes are needed whenever up in a chair. I have seen some pretty serious deep tissue injury (DTI) type pressure ulcers in the instep from not wearing shoes, and a couple patients went on to develop deep pressure ulcers there that led to amputation. If the area is purplish and hard and has a firm edge, it is most likely a DTI. All pressure must be kept off while it resolves. If that is what is going on, it is indeed a pressure ulcer per the NPUAP standards (which the doctor should know).

    If you are looking for a physiatrist in your area, you can do a search here:

    A plus is if the physician is also sub-boarded in SCI medicine.


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