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Thread: How do I describe this to my Pain Doctor

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    How do I describe this to my Pain Doctor

    I have stiff muscles in my back just under my rib cage to my tailbone. Is this Spasticity, Clonus, Muscle Rigidity. He gave me trigger point injects last time I was in but nothing really takes it away. I have tried Baclofen,Zanaflex, Soma, and some other I forgot and nothing works.

    So if the muscles are stiff all of the time what is it and is there treatment?

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    a muscle relaxer? I dunno good luck. I take Fentanayl 50 mg.. but my pain isn't muscle i t's a deep down.. often times burning, extreme kind of pain that I can't stand and my neck is the same.

    good luck I hope you work this out with your doc or neuro


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    It sounds like it could be a variation of the pain that MS patients describe as the "MS hug".

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    I can't describe all my sensations. Stiff as concrete is one attempt at describing one.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Question, are the really stiff, or just feel that way? I get what is described best as an elephant sitting on me ... really stiff in int the mid section (below my level btw.) But, when I touch the area the muscles aren;t really stiff.
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    Massage and/or acupuncture? Just a thought. If the trigger point injections helped at all, a good trigger point masseuse might help more.

    When my shoulders were killing me, trigger points in my gluts (yes, my butt) were where my masseuse found the most bound-up points. IOW, where we feel the problem often is not the actual source.

    I sure wish I could find that masseuse again.

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