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Thread: Can some one make suggestions!!!!!

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    Can some one make suggestions!!!!!

    I need to have some suggestions, on wat to go to school for, i know i want to specialize in sci. Im easily distracted, but love helping and caring for chilren... i need help please...

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    Working with children would be very rewarding, but it would also be very challenging. Children require lots of
    "hands on" type of work or activities. Librarians in kindergarten and middle schools do "story time" , where they read to the kids, but they are also required to manage the library books.
    Maybe you could write children's books.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and I wish you the best.

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    Have you had any career counseling? Aptitude testing? How were your high school grades? Do you have your pre-requisites for a university level education? How much school are you willing to do? Bachelor's degree? Masters? PhD??

    Here are a few to consider which could lead to a career working with children with disabilities. Most of these require that you get schooling about all age groups though, not just children:

    OT specializing in childhood disabilities (master's degree)
    Child Life Specialist (bachelors or masters)
    Early Childhood Education (bachelors or masters)
    Therapeutic Recreation (bachelors or masters)
    Child psychologist (PhD)
    Clinical social worker (masters or PhD)
    Education, with a certificate in Special Education (masters)


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    There's also Play Therapy (requires a master's degree in Counseling) and case management (usually requires a bachelor's degree, sometimes may require a masters). There's also a variety of paraprofessional positions that require only a high school education, but these types of positions would likely involve a lot of physical activity on your part. I bet you could check your local or state government website to see what kinds of programs are offered in your area/state for children with disabilities. This might lead you to a better understanding of what's out there, what you might enjoy, and what kind of educational advancements might be required to prepare yourself for the kind of work you'd like to do.

    Also, do you know about VR (Vocational Rehab). If you're eligible, VR may be able to assist you with career counseling, education, job training, etc.

    Good luck!

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    SCI-Nurse makes some very good points. You sound as if you haven't had university level education yet and before you are finished you may well change your mind several times. I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up. I would suggest that you seek out advice that takes SCI-Nurse's points into account. If you have the aptitude and pre-requisites for university level work, I suggest that you start as soon as possible as time is a precious resource that can never be recovered.

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