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Thread: my neighbor with leukemia passed away

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    my neighbor with leukemia passed away

    i posted in care (or cure?) a month or so ago about my neighbor, lynn, who had a stem cell transplant for leukemia because i had never heard of it. kld kindly filled me in.

    anyway, lynn passed away last night. she had an exact match in her brother so everybody was hoping for the best.

    just needed to say, lynn, i'm going to miss you. and our neighborhood will never be the same. i hope now you're walking with Missy (dog) again as you two always did down our road. i hope Missy was there to greet you with happy barks and kisses. Godspeed, Lynn.
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    I'm so sorry Cass

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    Lynn's pic rest in peace

    Ty, Uncle Mark.

    Here's my beautiful friend and neighbor for 12 yrs.

    my 15 yr old son, when he heard, came kicking things and saying f cancer. although i have lost many to cancer, i think this is the first to really hit him. he just took lynn a candle the other day. i wonder how this will affect him. he thought she would be ok.
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    Godspeed, Lynn.

    Her brother didn't donate, Cass?

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    yes, he donated. it failed. ty todd.

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    So sorry Cass RIP Lynn
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    I'm so sorry you've lost your friend and neighbor to cancer. RIP Lynn.

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    Sorry for your loss, my neighbor passed away this past spring, its so strange looking at the house next door and realizing she is gone.
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    Cass, I"m so sorry for you and your son's loss of a good friend. Lynn had a kind face and -from what you say - obviously a gentle spirit to match. My condolences to you.
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    You've known too many close to you who have died from cancer! My condolences.
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