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Thread: 4th caregiver appointment no-show

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    4th caregiver appointment no-show

    I'm trying to hire a caregiver for weekend help. I just had my 4th (actually it's my 3rd... the one person did call right before 2 appointments with lame excuses) no-show. I'd rather have them not show up now, and not after they're hired, but come on...

    What ever happened to the common courtesy of calling someone back and telling them you changed your mind. And you bet I call them to leave that message on their voice mail.

    I may be paralyzed, but I've got one up on these people who will just drift through life.

    It should not be that difficult to find a caregiver qualified to work with me.

    Thank you good caregivers. I always appreciate you more after dipping my ad in the cesspool of applicants.. in hopes of finding that gem

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    People have no manners these days.

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    Rude People

    When I put a add in for a caregiver I'll get say 10 appointments and maybe 2 will show up. They can just say no thank you, I'm not interested or I think I'll pass on the job. How hard is that? I'm going thru the same thing trying to find a good caregiver.

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    Unfortunately, this is all too common. As you said, better to find out now they are unreliable than after you have hired them and really need to depend on them.

    Keep in mind that for the most part, people who do PCA type work are somewhat marginal in our society. If they had a lot of initiative and drive, most likely they would have gotten an education and a better paying job. Some have a long history many jobs for a short period of time, which tells you something about their ability to keep to a schedule, show up, and do the work. Never the less, with what we can afford to pay, you are not going to find a lot of better quality unless you are fortunate enough to be able to hire students who are looking for some extra work and are not planning to make a "career" out of being a PCA.

    Always check references, including if the last few employers would hire them back or not, and always do a background check, even if it costs you a little money. Better safe than sorry.


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    I have had the same problems, more so recently and actually failed to hire from a $210 ad I placed in the paper. Next I'm going to try Craig's list for $25 at the end of August when I come back from a trip.

    In addition to what KLD said, I think a lot of people call and schedule in the moment. I never find that these people are reliable or have a good work ethic.
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    you need to network in many different ways.

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    I finally found what I thought was a good caregiver. She's been fine the past 3 weeks.

    Then I get a call when she's supposed to show on Saturday. Sick with possible food poisoning. I call later twice, and her daughter finally calls at 8:30 to let me know she's at the doctor (uh ya.. on a Saturday night). I give her the benefit of the doubt.

    After not returning my calls for 3 days, I guess it's time to dive back into the cesspool. I'm fine w/ it if it's not right for her. Left that message... just let me know so I can rehire someone!

    This one really blindsided me. I must be horrible at judging character and reading people. It really puts a bad taste in my mouth. You can't trust anyone anymore. Sad.

    and yes there are two sides to every story. My caregivers usually stay 1-3 years, and I still have 1 that helps me out periodically, that I've known for 13 years.
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    where do u live out of curiousity?

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    Eastern WA

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    At least you're finding out up front that they are no-shows rather then finding out after hiring them and expecting them to be at work and not show up. I've been through the same many times myself.

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