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    about a month ago my hip flexors JUST turned on. i can lay in bed and swing my legs either way at will. T4 i have some back musles? working to the middle of my back , below T4. i have no abs to speak of. when i have a BM if the stool is somewhat soft , i can push it out. i can increase the flow of pee by pushing. when i do my BR it seams i can flex my bung hole very very little. i guess my question is , why would my hips start to work normaly. you would think all musles above would work right too. i am considered C5 complete buy my discharge papers , but i function at T4. so my real question is , am i now imcomplete? i had decompression surgury year ago Sept. , a year after i got hurt. they fused T2 to T7. T4 was putting a small bend in my cord. no damage to duramatter. so whats going on? thank you
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    SCI nurse , what do you think. thank you
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    Ken, it sure sounds like you're getting neurological return. It is possible to get something functioning like your hips without all the muscles above coming back. Each injury is different and affects the neurons in the cord differently, and the timing of return can vary a lot. Some people do get return years after their injuries.

    You say you "can flex my bung hole very very little" .. that's huge as it's all the way down at S4-5. Do you have sensation there now too?

    This is all good stuff. I hope you can either get some good PT or find a way to exercise those muscles. You need to push for all you can get. I wish you the best!

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    thank you Bruce for your time. i have no sensation there. i try to flex my butt muscles and i can feel my hole moving a little with my finger during my BR. am i now imcomplete with my hip muscles working? i would really like to know after 2 years of this crap. some kind of sign to the better.
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    The bung hole (lol) is actually what they use to determine if you are technically complete or incomplete. It's odd to me, but theoretically you can be a jogger, but if you have no anal response they consider you a complete injury.

    How they tested me was to poke my bung hole (lol, love that term, much more descriptive than anus but less offensive than well...most of them) with a toothpick. At the time I couldn't feel it but apparently there's some reflex twitch they could see. They call it-brace yourself, this is a good one-they call it "anal wink".

    Anal wink, who comes up with this stuff? Only in our world do you get great terms like that!

    So if you have voluntary anal movement, voila! As I understand it, you are incomplete.

    Ultimately, complete, incomplete, they're just words for doctors. Functional recovery is what matters. Your hip thing sounds really promising to me. Keep pushing!

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    Just looking through some posts of people who have confirmed they are using Inclined Bed Therapy and came across your post

    Still using IBT Ken?

    Find us on Facebook using inclined bed therapy as a search term.

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    Hi Ken

    Done a search to find some of the people who cinfirmed they were using Inclined Bed Therapy and found this post. Can you confirm you are still using this method or have you reverted back to sleeping flat?
    Find us on Facebook using inclined bed therapy as a search term.

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    no , my feet keep swelling up. never would go down.
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    Thanks for the reply Ken and sorry it did not go well with regards to edema in your case.

    Having positive results on another study into varicose veins and oedema. Even following injury to my own foot which became swollen after an injury caused through back-heeling a large water tank into place resulting in bruising and a fair bit of swelling to my right foot. One night of Inclined Bed Therapy and my foot was normal in the morning, swelling up again during the following day due to too much walking on it. But generally improving and today is pretty comfortable with no swelling. Took photographs to show this, which can be seen here:

    Congrats on your recent improvements and may there be many more along the way.

    Find us on Facebook using inclined bed therapy as a search term.

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