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Thread: Has anyone tried using the NeuroMove home biofeedback system?

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    Has anyone tried using the NeuroMove home biofeedback system?

    It says on their website ( that their biofeedback device is effective to use for spinal cord injuries. It is for home use and is somewhat affordable, if it works.

    I've already went to a clinic for 2 weeks using Brucker's biofeedback method and we had what I would say to be good results. My scores went up significantly in many areas in less than two weeks, but unfortunately we didn't really get to do everything we wanted to. I felt if I continued at home it would be great, but I've only now discovered this company.

    Any experiences/thoughts to share? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    neat when bob comes back from vacation i am going to have him look at i really like it

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