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Thread: C5 injury, 3 weeks out

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    ive been to fraiser , sharp in san diego great place , and now im at health south albq nm , ive got a pt who a sports medicine pt , hes graet . its all about rehab if you want to get better

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    Apparently Frazier is really the only choice we have because he has no insurance, and Kentucky Medicaid is all that he can draw. From what we understand, he will have to stay in state because of that. I guess that scares me now because of some of the negative comments about Frazier on here.

    His temp is actually lower the past couple of days. Thay are doing the lung suction every day, and are on standby to do it more than once if necessary. Other than that, just more of the same.

    I reall appreciate all of the comments everyone is making. It lets us know that what we are experiencing is pretty normal, or at least as normal as we can get right now. I just wish I could turn the clock back about a month....

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    Glad to hear his temp is coming down!! That's good news.

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    yea me to , about 3 and half years or 1 do over.
    oh well

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    pray and ask for healing for your friend,

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    Here is an update:

    He can now lower his arms; couldn't do that a couple of weeks ago.

    The nurse asked him to concentrate as hard as he could and wiggle his toes; he was able to on both feet.

    He sat up on the side of the bed with no support for a few minutes; oxygen levels dropped when he did this so they upped the vent again to raise the levels, but turned it back down after they were raised

    He said he could feel them working his legs when he was sitting up

    Still in ICU, have to get some stamina built up before he can be transferred to rehab

    Please keep us in your prayers; we really appreciate them

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    Sounds like he is regaining movement/sensation. Thats good. Keep us updated on his progress. Prayers and thoughts have been sent!

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    Congrats Casper! Sounds like things are finally moving in the right direction. Good luck!

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    Hey everyone,

    It looks like the halo could possibly come off this week, and we are looking forward to that. Vent is turned down to 40, and his oxygen levels have stayed really good. No fever to speak of for a few days.

    I do have a question though. He had an episode of some sneezing, and when he did, he drew his legs up pretty far. Does that mean anything at all, or are we just grasping again. It seems sad that we have come to the stage where we look for any kind of sign to be good, but that is our world now.

    Hopefully he can get in rehab this week or next. Maybe we can begin to know something at that point.

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    Sneezing can trigger pretty severe spasms. It is not necessarily a sign of motor return unless he can voluntarily do it (one leg at a time) on command.

    Is his skin staying OK? Is he getting good vigorous range of motion to his arms (esp. his shoulders)??


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