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Thread: WIJIT hand cranks

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    i've been using the pivot from rio mobility, and am ready to return them. several design flaws: brakes non-exsistent, sifting from forward to reverse is difficult, shifting speeds (why are 5 speeds necessary?) is difficult also. push rims are so smooth as to be unusable, tires are narrow pneumatic bike tires(what to do if i get a puncture?), added width, the push arms don't move out of the way when not in use. i don't know if they will refund; medicare has not paid yet. but i'd like to try wijits. it's a shame we can't test drive these things without having to purchase and install them.

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    Check out MagicWheels. I got the universal adapter which they use for demo purposes so that I could swap wheels back and forth or use on different chairs. MagicWheels have two speeds, normal and low gear which gives fantastic boost for uphill power and surprisingly super easy braking power downhill. They are not perfect, shifting is a little clunking and takes practice, but they do work. One more thing, you know how when going uphill, you have to surge to keep from rolling backwards before grabbing the rims again? They got that covered. There is a built in roll back braking feature just for that annoyance.
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